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Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Toolkit

Archived: Sample Materials and Forms

Structures master skill set recording form

Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Workshop
(Short Name)
(Detailed Description)
Implementation Details
(Barriers, Skill Set Coordination, etc.)
1. Span ClearanceRaising Spans
Lowering Roadway
Thinning Superstructure
2. Pre-Fabrication and MaterialsSegmental Concrete
Temporary Bridges Bailey/Acrow
High Performance materials steel/concrete
Self-Consolidating Concrete
Soldier Pile, MSE, Soil Nail Walls
Initial Overlays
Polymer Asphalt
High Strength Concrete
3. Retaining WallsPurchase ROW expand service drives, implement slope where applicable, remove retaining walls 
4. Service Drive ExpansionNear WSU Parking Garage expand SD over slope. 
5. FoundationsSingle/mono shaft
Remove down to bedrock
Large diameter closed in steel pipe pile
6. Railway CrossingsBuild structures as abutments to existing crossings
Temporary bridges necessary
Diverge rail traffic onto one bridge in areas with multiple tracks
Edge girder floor beam system
7. InterchangesBuild first and shift over
Temporary Structures to move traffic
Sequence of construction for whole interchange.
Steel trapezoidal boxes
8. Advanced ContractingIdentify bridges for early construction/replacement due to poor condition 
9. Erection MethodsSPMT
Roll In
High capacity cranes
Erection Gantry
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Updated: 02/27/2019
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