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Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Toolkit

Archived: Sample Materials and Forms

Structures Final Presentation

MDOT ACTT Workshop

I-94 From I-96 to East of Connor


  • Steve Stroh, URS Corp
  • Vijay Chandra, Parson Brinckerhoff
  • Raj Ailaney, FHWA
  • Gary Jakovich, FHWA
  • Jon Nekritz, FHWA
  • Phil Grotenhuis, MDOT
  • Matt Chynoweth, MDOT
  • Terry Lavoy, MDOT
  • Wesley King, MDOT

Shallow Structure Types

  • Channel Bridge
  • Cable-Stayed Bridge with slab superstructure
  • Tied-Arch Bridge with slab superstructure
  • "Conventional beam bridge with integral supports"
  • Segmental voided slab

Plan drawing of the sallow section Channel Bridge type.

Photographs of Channel Bridge segments during erection.

An illustration of a Cable-Stayed Bridge.

Cross-section of the segmental voided slab.


  • Segmental Concrete Superstructure
  • Pre-cast piers
  • Pre-cast abutments
  • Pre-cast deck panels
  • Pre-cast bridge barrier
  • Temporary Bridges Bailey/Acrow

Prefabricated concrete bridge elements: Pre-cast concrete piers, abutments and deck panels.

Photograph of installation of a pre-cast concrete roadway panel.

Photograph of placement of pre-cast concrete bridge abutments.

High Performance Materials

  • Polymer Asphalt
  • High Performance concrete
  • High Performance steel
  • Self-Consolidating Concrete
  • High Strength Concrete
  • Initial Overlays

Experimental Placement with Models

Photograph of use of high performance concrete.

Retaining Walls

  • Remove retaining walls, purchase additional Right of Way (ROW), Lay slope back at 3:1
  • Soldier Pile, Soil Nailed or Secant Walls

Service Drive Expansion

  • Near Wayne State University (WSU) parking garage expand service drive over slope.

An aerial view of I-94 adjacent to the Wayne State University parking garage.

Foundations for Interchanges

  • Single/mono shaft
  • Large diameter closed in steel pipe pile
  • Post grouted shaft

Photograph of drilling operation of a large diameter shaft.Photograph of the placement of a steel reinforcement cage into a drilled shaft for foundation construction.

Railway Crossings

  • Construct temporary railroad bridges as necessary
  • Diverge rail traffic onto one bridge in areas with multiple tracks
  • Roll in pre-fabricated bridge over short closure period
  • Edge girder floor beam system

Interchange Construction Staging

  • Build new ramps before eliminating movements
  • Construction Planner
    • Manage sequence of construction for whole interchange
  • Ramp Bridges
    • Segmental Box
    • Steel Box/Plate
  • Temporary Structures to move traffic

Photograph of a pre-cast concrete box girder segment.Photograph of a segmental concrete box girder bridge.

Advanced Contracting

  • Identify bridges for early construction/replacement due to poor condition
  • Advanced relocation of utilities

Design to Minimize Future Maintenance

  • Eliminating expansion joints, design for continuity
  • Minimize number of bearings

Erection Methods

  • Self Propelled Modular Transport (SPMT)
  • Roll In
  • High capacity cranes
  • Erection Gantry

Photograph of the placement of a bridge span using high capacity cranes.

Photograph of the placement of a bridge segment by use of an erection gantry.Photograph of a "roll in" bridge being moved by a Self Propelled Modular Transport.

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