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Focus on SHRP2

SHRP2 Solutions introduce procedures, practices, and applications to advance the highway system in four key focus areas.

In establishing SHRP2, Congress recognized that developing breakthrough solutions to complex challenges requires both large-scale collaboration and intensive focus. As a result, SHRP2 has concentrated resources in four broad focus areas identified by state transportation agencies as essential to the Nation’s health, safety, economy, and quality of life.

This approach, which integrates research from multiple disciplines and involves input from all highway stakeholders, not just transportation agencies, is fundamentally different from the broad, discipline-based research programs that have been the mainstay of the highway industry for more than half a century.

SHRP2 aims to create one resource for the most innovative, practical, and proven tools to help transportation professionals quickly rehabilitate America’s aging highway system, reduce congestion, and save lives by making roads safer both from a driver-behavior and infrastructure perspective.

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