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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Click to Show How can I see all SHRP2 products related to my area of interests?

    Visit the SHRP2 Solutions page where you can browse SHRP2 products by focus area or topic area. Or access the Your SHRP2 page for information about SHRP2 resources of interest to particular audiences such as transportation agencies, private industry, and the research community.

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    Does SHRP2 offer assistance opportunities to support product use? If so, how or where can I apply?

    The SHRP2 Implementation Assistance Program (IAP) is now closed. The IAP was launched in 2013, and through seven rounds SHRP2 provided more than $130 million in financial support and technical assistance to transportation agencies across the country. More than 430 SHRP2 projects are underway across all 50 States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Round 7 in April 2016 was the final formal IAP offering; there may be limited future opportunities for assistance on a case-by-case basis, as needs arise and funding permits.

    Though the IAP has come to a close, all SHRP2 products are available for use at any time regardless of the availability of financial or technical assistance. Other opportunities also are available to transportation agencies through a variety of technology and innovation deployment programs, including Every Day Counts, AASHTO’s Innovation Initiative, the Accelerated Innovation Deployment Demonstration, and the State Transportation Innovation Councils Incentive Program.

    If you need additional information about SHRP2 assistance opportunities, please contact us. Questions about specific products may be obtained from the FHWA technical lead listed on each product application page.

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    How is SHRP2 different than the Federal Highway Administration’s(FHWA’s) Every Day Counts initiative?

    SHRP2 is a large-scale cooperative research program funded by Congress and administered by FHWA in coordination with the Transportation Research Board and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.More than 100 research projects were launched to address the most challenging problems identified by transportation professionals, including aging infrastructure, congestion, and safety. Products emerging from the research program are prioritized and scheduled for implementation based on industry needs, available funding, product readiness, and anticipated benefits. SHRP2 products may include applications, technologies, guidebooks, training sessions, or databases.

    FHWA’s Every Day Counts initiative is designed to identify and deploy existing technologies with proven benefits that will shorten project delivery, enhance safety, and protect the environment so that the benefits can be more widely realized. FHWA adopts a limited number of products into the Every Day Counts initiative.

    In some cases, Every Day Counts (EDC) may elect to adopt a SHRP2 Solution.In fact, SHRP2’s National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training solution was selected as part of the EDC2 suite of initiatives and Railroad-DOT Mitigation Strategies (R16) was selected to be part of the EDC3.

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    What do the numbers mean in relation to the product(L01/L06/L31/L34) for example)?

    During SHRP2’s research phase, each research project was assigned a letter/number code to help keep track of the more than 100 research efforts. The research codes begin with a letter designation that corresponds to SHRP2 focus areas from which the project originated: Renewal (R), Reliability (L), Capacity (C), or Safety (S). The codes are included here as a reference for people who were involved in the research phase of the product, and can be easily used as a reference if an applicant would like to use the TRB or AASHTO websites to view the research reports and/or results.

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    How can I request that a SHRP2 expert speak at my event?

    Contact Us and a SHRP2 representative will contact you regarding your event.

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    How can I access a SHRP2 research report, or learn about in-progress research?

    The Transportation Research Board maintains historical SHRP2 website with comprehensive information about the research phase of the program. Visit the Publications page on the SHRP2 Research Website to view final SHRP2 project reports.

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    How will SHRP2 save my transportation agency money in the short- and long-term?

    SHRP2 Solutions will save agencies money in a myriad of ways over the coming years as the Solutions are demonstrated and fine-tuned and lessons-learned are shared. During the planning phase, SHRP2 Solutions will help speed project delivery by ensuring that potential risks and conflicts are identified and resolved early. SHRP2 Solutions will also offer expedited construction and testing procedures so that closures are kept to a minimum and traffic maintenance costs are reduced. Many SHRP2 Solutions will provide for longer service life and lower maintenance than current materials and techniques, while others provide large-scale organizational and management guidance to better equip agencies to manage facilities and respond to future needs. These institutional changes can save organizations time, enabling employees to work more efficiently, and effectively accomplish a larger number of projects in less time.

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    What are some of the ways that SHRP2 will save lives?

    SHRP2 Solutions will support decreases in traffic-related injuries and fatalities in a number of ways. For example, SHRP2 Solutions:

    • Provide unprecedented information about driver behaviors that lead to crashes, and are using this data to support the development of advanced vehicle and infrastructure safety technologies.
    • Include technologies that provide for rapid rehabilitation of aging roadways, meaning that motorists have access to more miles of updated, safer facilities that meet current needs.
    • Shorten work zone windows, and provide techniques for repairing or rebuilding busy roads at off-peak times, reducing both congestion and exposure of workers and drivers to dangerous work zone conditions.
    • Provide unified training for multidisciplinary traffic incident responders so that incidents are cleared more quickly. The longer the incident remains unresolved, the more likely a secondary crash will occur. By clearing incidents more efficiently, SHRP2 can save lives.
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    Are there SHRP2 products that address environmental challenges?

    There are several SHRP2 Solutions designed to help transportation agencies and environmental organizations work together more efficiently and collaboratively. To view all solutions related to environmental stewardship, visit the All Solutions page and browse by the “Planning and Environment” topic area.

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    What other SHRP2 resources are available online?

    SHRP2 is supported by three respected organizations in the transportation community: the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), and the Transportation Research Board (TRB). Each organization provides information about SHRP2 online.

    SHRP2 Solutions Implementation Website
    Managed by FHWA, GoSHRP2 highlights the value of SHRP2 to the transportation industry and the country at large. The site is the communications centerpiece for SHRP2 implementation and provides information on products resulting from SHRP2 research, offers resources for potential product users, and includes information about how SHRP2 Solutions are being used in the field.

    SHRP2 Research Website
    Managed by TRB, this historical website chronicles SHRP2’s history and disseminates the results of the research projects conducted within each SHRP2 focus area. You can access information about completed research.

    AASHTO SHRP2 Website
    Managed by AASHTO, this site provides SHRP2 information for AASHTO committee members, officials from state departments of transportation, and other stakeholders and visitors.

    Other SHRP2 Sites

    GoSHRP2 also provides a list of websites and pages that support individual SHRP2 Solutions and research projects within SHRP2 focus areas.

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