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Cornell University, October 2015

The major objectives of this study is to develop a comprehensive and inclusive framework and lessons/guidelines for designing socially beneficial, sustainable, and system-improving P3 projects. It seeks to close an important gap in our knowledge concerning the decision about what projects are suitable for P3 procurements. This study considers alternative P3 approaches for profit maximization and system cost minimization at full urban transportation network scales to make several policy recommendations on improving transportation system performance while maintaining profitability.


Kentucky Transportation Center, August 2015

This report reviews the literature on P3 benefits and drawbacks and makes policy recommendations as Kentucky contemplates P3 authorization. It includes guidance and best practice that can ensure successful P3 implementation.


University Transportation Center for Alabama, October 2010

This report presents a framework for P3 feasibility study at the early phase of project development. The financing analysis process model is developed and refined for the guideline. An Excel-based software package named P3FAST is developed to facilitate the P3 feasibility study for transportation agencies. Three types of P3 models are compared and evaluated to achieve a feasible financing structure.

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