Joint Development

Below are links to legislation regarding Joint Development.

Last Updated: 02/15/19

Joint Development Legislation
State Title Citation
California Joint Development Authority Cal. Pub. Util. Code § 99420
Connecticut Transit-Oriented Development Conn. Gen. Stat. §§ 13b-79ll-kk
New York Development of Transportation Corridors; Multiple Use Outside the Counties of Kings and Queens of Right of Way N.Y. Tra. Law § 14-E
New York General Functions, Powers and Duties of Department N.Y. Tra. Law § 14, cl. 17
Oklahoma Joint Development Use Plans Okla. Stat. tit. 60, § 811 et seq.
Oregon Property Subject to Taxation; Exemptions (Multiple-Unit Housing) Or. Rev. Stat. § 307.600 et seq.
Pennsylvania Transit Revitalization Investment District Act Pa. Stat. tit. 73 § 850.101 et seq.
Utah Public Transit District Act - Definitions Utah Code § 17B-2a-802
Utah Public Transit District Act - Additional Public Transit District Powers Utah Code § 17B-2a-804