Transportation Utility Fees

Transportation Utility Fees are generally enabled at the local level. They are most prevalent in the State of Oregon with several municipalities listed below. Street maintenance assessment options are identified in Montana state law.

Last Updated: 02/15/19

Transportation Utility Fees Legislation
State Title Citation
Montana Special Provisions for Street Maintenance Districts - Assessment Of Costs -- Area, Frontage, Lot, And Taxable Valuation Options Mont. Code Ann. § 7-12-4422
Municipality Title Citation
Helena, MT Street Maintenance and Improvements Helena, Montana City Code § 7-1-8
Lewistown, MT Street and Public Place Maintenance Lewistown, Montana City Code § 9-12-1 et seq.
Corvallis, OR Transportation Maintenance Fee Corvallis, Oregon Municipal Code § 3.05.010 et seq.
Hillsboro, OR Transportation Utility Fee Hillsboro, Oregon Municipal Code § 3.32.010 et seq.
Newberg, OR Transportation Utility Fee Newberg, Oregon Municipal Code § 3.45.010 et seq.
Oregon City, OR Transportation Utility Fees Oregon City, Oregon Municipal Code § 13.30.010 et seq.
Phoenix, OR Transportation Utility Fee Phoenix, Oregon Municipal Code § 13.28.010 et seq.
Austin, TX Transportation User Fee Austin, Texas City Code § 14-10-1 et seq.
Provo, UT Utility Transportation Fund Provo, Utah City Code § 5.08.010 et seq.