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Financing Federal-aid Highways

Appendix H: Federal Share and Period of Availability for Selected Programs

Interstate Maintenance Program 901,8 4
Interstate Maintenance Discretionary 901 Until Expended
National Highway System 801,8 4
Alaska Highway 100 Until Expended
Territorial Highways 100 4
Surface Transportation Program 801,8 4
Transportation Enhancements 801,5 4
Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program 802,3 4
Bridge Set-aside for Designated Projects 802,3 Until expended
Highway Safety Improvement Program 901 4
Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality Improvement Program 801,8 4
Federal Lands Highways Program  
Indian Reservation Roads 100 4
Public Lands Highways 100 4
Park Roads and Parkways 100 4
Refuge Roads 100 4
Equity Bonus Program 806 4
Appalachian Development Highway System 80 Until expended
Construction of Ferry Boats & Ferry Terminal Facilities 80 Until expended
Coordinated Border Infrastructure Program 801 Until expended
Denali Access System 803 Until expended
Delta Region Transportation Development Program 801 Until expended
Emergency Relief 80-100 Until expended
Freight Intermodal Distribution Pilot Program 801 Until expended
High Priority Projects 807 Until expended
Highway Use Tax Evasion 100 4
Highways for LIFE 80-1008 4
Indian Reservation Roads Bridges 100 4
Metropolitan Planning 801,9 4
National Corridor Infrastructure Improvement Program 801 Until expended
National Scenic Byways 80 4
Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program 100 Until expended
Projects of National & Regional Significance 807 Until expended
Puerto Rico Highway Program 801 4
Railway-Highway Crossings 90 4
Recreational Trails 803,10 4
Surface Transportation Research 50-10011 Until expended
ITS Research 50-10011,12 Until expended
Safe Routes to School 100 Until expended
State Planning and Research 809 4
Transportation, Community, & System Preservation Program 803 4
Transportation Improvements 801,7 Until expended
Truck Parking Facilities 803,4 Until expended
Value Pricing Pilot Program 80 4
1Unless otherwise specified, 23 U.S.C. 120 provides the Federal share for projects (90% Interstate, 80% non-Interstate), with up to 95% allowed for States with large amounts of Federal lands (sliding scale), up to 100% for certain safety projects, and up to 100% for Emergency Relief. As "otherwise specified," some programs give a specific Federal share, and some refer to all or part of Section 120 (for specific references within Sec.120, see 2, 3, & 4 below).
2 Interstate projects [120(a)] – the Federal share for projects on the Interstate system (including added HOV or auxiliary lanes, but excluding any other added lanes) shall be 90%, or according to sliding scale up to 95% for States with large amounts of Federal lands.
3Other projects [120(b)] – unless otherwise specified, Federal share is 80%, or according to sliding scale up to 95% for States with large amounts of Federal lands.
4Certain safety projects [120(c)] – Up to 100% Federal share allowed for specified safety and traffic operations projects. In total, no more than 10% of a State's apportionments under Section 104 (Interstate Maintenance, National Highway System, Surface Transportation Program, Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program, Highway Safety Improvement Program, and Recreational Trails Program) may be used at 100% Federal share for such projects.
5Generally, the Federal share is 80 percent, subject to the sliding scale adjustment, but this may be achieved on an aggregate, rather than project-by-project, basis.
6 Funds programmatically distributed to other programs have the same Federal share as those programs. For the remainder of the funds ($2,639 million per year), the Federal share is determined under 23 USC 120, that is, the Federal share is generally 80 percent, subject to the sliding scale adjustment. When the funds are used for Interstate projects to add high occupancy vehicle or auxiliary lanes, but not other lanes, the Federal share may be 90 percent, also subject to the sliding scale adjustment.
7 Federal share is 80%, except in Alaska, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, and South Dakota where sliding scale applies, and except for certain specified projects.
8 Up to 10% of NHS, IM, STP, and/or CMAQ apportionments may be used to fund Highways for LIFE projects, in addition to funds authorized for the program under Section 1502 of SAFETEA-LU, at a Federal share of up to 100% of the cost of construction of the project. The Federal share for Highways for LIFE (Sec. 1502) funds used for Technology Partnerships is limited to 80%.
9 May approve up to 100% if the Secretary finds that it is in the interest of the Federal-aid Highway Program.
10 Up to a 95% Federal share allowed if Federal agency is project sponsor. Federal share may be calculated on a project or programmatic basis.
11 Federal share is 50% unless otherwise determined by the Secretary or expressly provided by SAFETEA-LU.
12 Federal share for demonstration projects and operational tests is 80%.


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