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Financing Federal-aid Highways

Appendix K: Allocated Programs Subject to Sec. 1102(f) Reduction ("Lop off")

Appendix K: Allocated Programs Subject to Sec. 1102(f) Reduction ("Lop off")
Interstate Maintenance Discretionary99,000,00087.0%86,130,000
Alaska Highway29,700,00087.0%25,839,000
Territorial Highway Program39,600,00087.0%34,452,000
Operation Lifesaver554,40087.0%482,328
Rail-Highway Crossing Hazard Elimination in High-Speed Corridors7,177,50087.0%6,244,425
On-the-Job Training Supportive Services9,900,00087.0%8,613,000
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Training9,900,00087.0%8,613,000
Indian Reservation Roads (net of takedown in P.L. 109-115, §112}319,020,77087.0%277,548,070
Park Roads and Parkways (net of takedown in P.L. 109-115, §112}188,512,27387.0%164,005,678
Refuge Roads (net of takedown in P.L. 109-115, §112}28,035,15987.0%24,390,588
Public Lands Highways (net of takedown in P.L. 109-115, §112}270,684,28987.0%235,495,331
National Scenic Byways Program29,700,00087.0%25,839,000
Construction of Ferry Boats and Ferry Terminal Facilities54,450,00087.0%47,371,500
Puerto Rico Highway Program (net of penalties)100,596,83287.0%87,519,244
Safe Routes to School Administrative Expenses2,970,00087.0%2,583,900
Highways for LIFE14,850,00087.0%12,919,500
Transportation, Community, and System Preservation Program60,637,50087.0%52,754,625
Indian Reservation Road Bridges13,860,00087.0%12,058,200
Truck Parking Facilities6,187,50087.0%5,383,125
Freight Intermodal Distribution Pilot Grant Program5,940,00087.0%5,167,800
Delta Region Transportation Development Program9,900,00087.0%8,613,000
Toll Facilities Workplace Safety Study495,00087.0%430,650
Work Zone Safety Grants4,950,00087.0%4,306,500
National Work Zone Safety Clearinghouse990,00087.0%861,300
Road Safety495,00087.0%430,650
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Grants (Clearinghouse)495,00087.0%430,650
Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act Amendments120,780,00087.0%105,078,600
Value Pricing Pilot Program11,880,00087.0%10,335,600
America's Byways Resource Center2,970,00087.0%2,583,900
National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation9,900,00087.0%8,613,000
Add'l Authorization of Contract Authority for States with Indian Reservations1,782,00087.0%1,550,340
Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program24,750,00087.0%21,532,500
Grant Program to Prohibit Racial Profiling7,425,00087.0%6,459,750
Pavement Marking Demonstration Projects990,00087.0%861,300
National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission1,386,00087.0%1,205,820
Road User Fees Field Test1,980,00087.0%1,722,600
Transportation Assets and Needs of the Delta Region495,00087.0%430,650
Great Lakes ITS Implementation1,980,00087.0%1,722,600
Transportation Construction and Remediation, Ottawa Co., OK9,900,00087.0%8,613,000
Infrastructure Awareness1,435,50087.0%1,248,885
Denali Access System Program14,850,00087.0%12,919,500
I-95/Contee Road Interchange Study990,00087.0%861,300
Multimodal Facility Improvements4,950,00087.0%4,306,500
Surface Transportation Research, Development and Deployment Program194,436,00087.0%169,159,320
Training and Education26,433,00087.0%22,996,710
University Transportation Research69,003,00087.0%60,032,610
Intelligent Transportation Systems Research108,900,00087.0%94,743,000
TOTAL1,925,816,723 1,675,460,549
1This table lists programs subject to "lop off" under SAFETEA-LU as originally enacted. Subsequently, the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (P.L. 109-280) amended SAFETEA-LU to authorize $16,666,666 in contract authority for each of fiscal years 2007-2009 for the Going-to-the-Sun Road at Glacier National Park, Montana. That contract authority is also subject to "lop off" provision.
2Authorized amount is shown net of a 1% rescission required by section 3801 of Division B of P.L. 109-148.


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