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Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS)

HPMS Reassessment 2010+

Final Report

Prepared by:

Office of Highway Policy Information
Federal Highway Administration

6.0 Next Steps

The second phase of HPMS Reassessment activities should completely wind down by the end of summer 2008 with the final phase (implementation) beginning at roughly the same time. The following is a brief summary of the remaining phase two activities:

  • The HPMS Field Manual is in the process of being rewritten. A draft version was distributed at the HPMS Reassessment Workshop in March 2008; the final version will be available by late summer 2008.
  • The HPMS Data Specifications (version 9) have been finalized and distributed to States and FHWA Division Offices; the document has also been posted on the HPMS web site.
  • A memorandum to the FHWA Division Offices and States concerning the changes to the coding of Functional Classification will be sent out in the near future.

The phase three implementation activities generally fall under two broad categories: training and research. The distinction between the two categories is that research projects are dependant on the availability of discretionary research funds, where the training activities are not. Within the training category are formal and in impromptu training, which cover the gamut of HPMS topics from data collection, to using the HPMS software. The following table outlines the types of training and research currently planned or under consideration, and the approximate beginning and end dates where applicable.

Table 6.1 Overview of Future HPMS Training and Research
Category Description Begin End
Impromptu Training FHWA remote training & support Immediately Ongoing
  FHWA onsite training & support October 2008 Ongoing
Formal Training Highway Information Seminar Annually each November
  HPMS Workshop Annually each February or March
  Software and Data Model Webinars January 2009 Ongoing
  Data Collection Webinars January 2009 Ongoing
  National or regional training January 2009 As needed
  Develop NHI Course January 2009 June 2009, ongoing
Research Computer or web based training January 2009 June 2009, ongoing
  Feasibility of national sample Fall 2009 Fall 2010
  Impact of revising K & D Factors Summer 2010 Fall 2010
  Feasibility of new sampling schema Spring 2011 Spring 2012

As previously mentioned, the availability of discretionary research funds will determine the amount of research that FHWA will be able to undertake. Regardless of funding, FHWA is committed to providing training and technical support to the States and data users. In the absence of research funds, FHWA will pursue a pooled-fund study to develop the web based training application that would allow State and Division Office staff to learn about the new HPMS at their own pace.

For further information, contact the Office of Highway Policy Information at 202-366-0175 or go to the FHWA Site at https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/policy/ohpi/hpms/hpmsreassessment.cfm. Detailed meeting notes and summaries can be found on the Docket at http://www.regulations.gov/search/index.jsp. Once there, please refer to Docket # 23638.


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