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Highway Finance Data Collection

Chapter 7
Periodic Special Requests for Motor-Fuel, Motor-Vehicle, Driver-License, and Financial Information

The reports on motor fuels, motor vehicles, driver licensing, motor carriers, and highway finance in this Guide provide FHWA with data and information for the national summary tables. These tables and information are published in Monthly Motor Fuel Reported by States, annually in Highway Statistics, and in Our Nation's Highways.

The FHWA also produces a wide variety of other materials, including special tables, that provide valuable background detail on, for example, motor-vehicle and motor-fuel tax laws and various aspects of the administration of these tax systems. These materials are supported from information requested in this chapter. To obtain data for these materials, the FHWA makes periodic special requests of the States for certain motor-fuel, motor-vehicle, driver-license, highway-finance, and toll facility information that is not obtained through the standardized reports in this Guide. This chapter outlines the nature of these periodic special requests, the procedures involved, and the use of the information obtained.


Approximately every 2 years, the FHWA requests each State to provide current information on State taxation of motor-fuels, motor-vehicles, licensed drivers, and motor-carriers; and on the administration and disposition of these highway-user taxes and other State taxes that were dedicated for highways. This is usually accomplished by reviewing certain FHWA tables from the publication, Highway Taxes and Fees – How They Are Collected and Distributed, and updating the information to reflect current laws and practices.

State motor-fuel taxation and administration.—State authorities are requested to review the motor-fuel information for their State in FHWA tables MF-101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 107, 108, 109, and 110; and to make any changes necessary to update the information and to reflect new effective dates.

State motor-vehicle registration fee schedule.—Certain vehicles are selected to show the range of registration fees, from small passenger cars through commercial vehicle combinations. Information is requested by sending each State copies of the most recent information for that State in the form of FHWA table MV-103 and asking the State to update its data.

Disposition of motor-fuel, motor-vehicle and motor-carrier tax receipts and other State taxes for highways.—Each State is provided the latest published FHWA tables MF-106, MV-106, and S-106 for their State. The States are requested to review and update the information for the next publication of the tables and to forward current information on the disposition of highway-user taxes and taxes dedicated to highways as provided by State law. Table MF-106 presents the legal and administrative provisions for allocating State motor-fuel taxes. Table MV-106 provides similar information on State motor-vehicle registration fees, driver-license fees, and motor-carrier taxes. Table S-106 provides similar information for State taxes and fees dedicated for highways that are not classified as highway-user taxes and fees.


Approximately every 2 years, State authorities are requested to review the entries for their State on FHWA tables DL-101 through 107 and make any changes necessary to update that information for the publication Driver License Administration Requirements and Fees. The information, provided by the State and Provincial driver licensing authorities, details the administrative requirements and qualifications to obtain a driver license in all States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Provinces of Canada. Information on driver license content and driver improvement provisions are also included.


The report, Toll Facilities in the United States, Bridges-Roads-Tunnels-Ferries, contains selected information on toll facilities in the United States. The information is based on a survey of toll facilities in operation, financed, or under construction. The report contains information on the name, financing or operational authority, location and termini, feature crossed, length, and road system for toll roads, bridges, tunnels, and ferries that connect highways. It also contains a list of those projects that are under serious consideration as toll facilities, awaiting completion of financing arrangements, or proposed as new toll facilities that are being studied for financial and operational feasibility. Finally, it contains data on the receipts and disbursements of public toll facilities. This report is not intended to be a complete reference on toll facilities nor is it intended to duplicate data published by other organizations.

This report is updated every 2 years. The States are requested to provide current information on the status of toll facilities with an effective date of the following January 1.

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