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Performance Network

Download 2013 NPMRDS Data

The Highway Performance Network is a newly created geospatial network based on FHWA’s 2013 HPMS network and the latest NPMRDS HERE network. Through spatial integration, all TMC data contained in the HERE NPMRDS data are transferred to the 2013 HPMS network. The goal and objective of this effort is to enable more in-depth analysis of travel time data along with highway capacity data and other public defined data items such as the federally defined highway functional classification system. State highway agencies and other users can take advantage of what have been accomplished here for the integration of NPMRDS data to the native HPMS system through a relatively simple geospatial tagging process.

Data Attribute Definition

Data definitions are based on HPMS Field Manual and various FHWA guidance and documents on NPMRDS at: http://www.ops.fhwa.dot.gov/freight/freight_analysis/perform_meas/vpds/npmrdsfaqs.htm


  1. year_recor
    1. year during which HPMS data was gathered and compiled
  2. state_code
    1. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) code for state in which road segment resides in
  3. route_id
    1. route Identification code for route of which road segment is a part
  4. begin_poin
    1. beginning point of road segment’s corresponding link in ArcGIS
  5. end_point
    1. ending point of road segment’s corresponding link in ArcGIS
  6. aadt_vn
    1. average number of cars over given road segment in a day (uses annual data to compute average); also called Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)
  7. county_cod
    1. Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code of county in which road segment in question resides
  8. f_system_v
    1. functional system (i.e. operational type) of road segment, as determined by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
    Code Description
    1 Interstate
    2 Principal Arterial – Other Freeways and Expressways
    3 Principal Arterial – Other
    4 Minor Arterial
    5 Major Collector
    6 Minor Collector
    7 Local
  9. facility_t
    1. type of facility (i.e. operational characteristics) of road
    Code Description
    1 One-Way Roadway Roadway that operates with traffic moving in a single direction during non-peak period hours.
    2 Two-Way Roadway Roadway that operates with traffic moving in both directions during non-peak period hours.
    3 Couplet Non-inventory direction side of a “couplet”. A couplet is defined as:
    1. parallel roadways with same route designation and which complement each other in providing access to both termini
    2. located in urban area of city/town
    3. connects to roadways with two-way traffic
    4. separated by physical or visual element (e.g. buildings, landscape, terrain, etc.)
    5. not designated as Interstate
    4 Ramp Non-mainline junction or connector facility contained within a grade-separated interchange.
    5 Non Mainline All non-mainline facilities, excluding ramps
    6 Non Inventory Direction Individual road/roads of a multi-road facility that is/are not used for determining primary length of facility
    7 Planned/Unbuilt Planned roadways that has yet to be constructed.
  10. hov_lanes_
    1. maximum number of high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes (in both directions) designated for HOV operations
  11. hov_type_v
    1. type of HOV operations
    Code Description
    1 Full-time HOV Section has 24-hour exclusive HOV laves (HOV use only; no other use permitted).
    2 Part-time HOV Normal through lanes used for exclusive HOV during specified time periods.
    3 Part-time HOV Shoulder/parking lanes used for exclusive HOV laves during specified time periods.
  12. iri_vn
    1. statistic that estimates amount of roughness of given road segment, also called International Roughness Index (IRI)
  13. nhs_vn
    1. type of road operations with National Highway System (NHS)
    Code Description
    1 Non Connector NHS
    2 Major Airport
    3 Major Port Facility
    4 Major Amtrak Station
    5 Major Rail/Truck Terminal
    6 Major Inter City Bus Terminal
    7 Major Public Transportation or Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal
    8 Major Pipeline Terminal
    9 Major Ferry Terminal
  14. ownership_
    1. entity with legal ownership of road
    Code Description
    1 State Highway Agency
    2 County Highway Agency
    3 Town or Township Highway Agency
    4 City of Municipal Highway Agency
    11 State Park, Forest or Reservation Agency
    12 Local Park, Forest or Reservation Agency
    21 Other State Agency
    25 Other Local Agency
    26 Private (non-railroad)
    27 Railroad
    31 State Toll Road
    32 Local Toll Authority
    40 Other Public Instrumentality (e.g. airport)
    50 Indian Tribe Nation
    60 Other Federal Agency
    62 Bureau of Indian Affairs
    63 Bureau of Fish and Wildlife
    64 U.S. Forest Service
    66 National Park Service
    67 Tennessee Valley Authority
    68 Bureau of Land Management
    69 Bureau of Reclamation
    70 Corps of Engineers
    72 Air Force
    73 Navy/Marines
    74 Army
    80 Other
  15. route_numb
    1. number of route of which road segment is a part
  16. route_qual
    1. route type
    Code Description
    1 No qualifier/not signed
    2 Alternate
    3 Business route
    4 Bypass business
    5 Spur
    6 Loops
    7 Proposed
    8 Temporary
    9 Truck route
    10 None of the above
  17. route_sign
    1. type of route signing present along road segment
    Code Description
    1 Not signed
    2 Interstate
    3 U.S.
    4 State
    5 Off-Interstate Business Marker
    6 County
    7 Township
    8 Municipal
    9 Parkway marker or Forest Route marker
    10 None of the above
  18. strahnet_t
    1. type of STRAHNET operation along route
    Code Description
    1 Regular STRAHNET
    2 Connector
  19. structure_
    1. type of structure present/utilized by road
    Code Description
    1 Entire section is a Bridge
    2 Entire section is a Tunnel
    3 Entire section is a Causeway
  20. through_la
    1. number of lane designated for through traffic
  21. toll_charg
    1. indicates if any toll facilities are present along road segment
    Code Description
    1 Toll charged in one direction only.
    2 Toll charged in both directions.
    3 No toll charged
  22. toll_type_
    1. indicates type of special toll operations, if any, along road segment
    Code Description
    1 This section has toll lanes but no special tolls (e.g. HOT lanes).
    2 This section has HOT lanes.
    3 This section has other special tolls.
  23. truck_vn
    1. indicates if road segment is part of National Truck Network (NTN) or state-sponsored truck route
    Code Description
    1 Section is on the National Network (NN)
    2 Other State-designated truck route (optional)
  24. urban_code
    1. U.S. Census code of urban area in which road segment is located


  1. TMC_1
    1. Traffic Location code
    1. country in which TMC resides
  3. ADMIN_LE_1
    1. state in which TMC resides
  4. ADMIN_LE_2
    1. county in which TMC resides
    1. length of TMC, measured in miles
    1. road number (ex. I-40)
    1. name of road (where applicable)
    1. latitude of start point of TMC
    1. longitude of start point of TMC
    1. direction of travel from start point of TMC
  11. Shape_Leng
    1. length of road segment’s corresponding link in ArcGIS
  12. LEN_MILE
    1. actual length of road segment, in miles


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