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Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Toolkit

Archived: How do I prepare for the workshop?

The Checklist

Pre-Workshop Meeting
  • check box Basic understanding of the ACTT process
  • check box Identify project goals/ objectives
  • check box Identify skill sets & discuss national participation
  • check box Workshop logistics, roles/responsibilities
  • check box Establish workshop funding
  • check box Establish workshop dates & agenda
Workshop Facility & Supplies
  • check box Meeting Rooms
    • General meeting room large enough for entire group for 3 days
    • Smaller breakout rooms (1 per skill set) for second day
    • Access to breakout rooms after hours
  • check box AV Equipment
    • Cordless/ remote microphone for intros, general session Q&A
    • One laptop & computer projector for main room
    • One portable printer for main room
    • Business center setup (preferred)
    • One laptop per skill set
    • One computer projector & screen for each skill set (preferred)
    • IT support during workshop
  • check box Other Supplies
    • Flip charts, markers, tape for main room and breakout rooms
  • check box Catering of food beverages for:
    • One evening reception
    • 2 continental breakfasts
    • One lunch, one dinner, 3 breaks
  • check box Registration booth and package
    • Name tags
    • Workshop notebook to include workshop agenda, project information, list of attendees, etc.
Workshop Facilitators/ Note Keepers
  • check box Facilitator
    • Capable of leading group discussions
    • Skill set time manager
    • Keeps team engaged and focused
    • encourages flexibility and innovation
  • check box Note Keepers
    • Good typing skills needed
    • Proficient in MS Word
    • Development of PowerPoint for final recommendations
    • Skill set recording form template
    • Format of Skill set notes and example notes
    • Electronic skill set notes and PowerPoint presentation required from each skill set
Workshop Report
  • check box FHWA HQ consultant develops a draft report from workshop results (using skill set notes and final recommendations)
  • check box DOT and FHWA DO to review draft report and provide comments
  • check box FHWA HQ coordinates final editing and distribution of the report
  • check box Reports posted on the ACTT web site
  • check box FHWA follow-up on workshop recommendations
Workshop Budget & Funding
  • check box Facility
  • check box Supplies
  • check box Meals
  • check box Travel & per diem
  • check box Facilitators
  • check box Documentation/Reports
  • check box Local Travel
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Updated: 02/27/2019
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