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Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Toolkit

Archived: What do I have to do at the Workshop?

The ACTT Workshop is designed to create an atmosphere of creativity, with open minded discussion, Skill Set interaction, and innovative problem solving. The environment encourages individuals to wield their expertise with confidence, while recognizing the strengths of others. Participants ask the hard questions, envision new approaches and enjoy the rare experience of immediate integration of their ideas with those of experts in other phases of the project delivery process.

The Workshop begins with all participants gathered to receive a briefing on the process and the project. They then receive a facilitated tour of the project site. The following morning, Skill Sets convene individually and capture their initial ideas and impressions, then share them with full group. Skill Sets reconvene to consolidate their ideas and intermingle with other groups as needed to inform and integrate their thinking. Final recommendations are then prioritized and advantages and barriers identified. Each group prepares a brief presentation of its findings and delivers it to the full gathering the final morning of the Workshop. Throughout the process, each Skill Set records its ideas on a simple electronic form and all are synthesized afterward in the final Workshop Report. The host agency gathers this information and facilitates an agenda and an environment in which to maximize the opportunity for innovative thinking.

The resources in this chapter familiarize the host agency with the basic forms used throughout the ACTT Workshop and detail the information to be gathered for the Workshop Report.

The Skill Set Recording Form

Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Workshop
Skill Set Recording Form
(Short Name)
(Detailed Description)
Implementation Details
(Barriers, Skill Set Coordination, etc.)

Reporting In

The State host captures workshop results (content and graphics) in an electronic report, using a template supplied by the Accelerate Construction Management Team. The elements of the template include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Workshop purpose
  • Project details, including cost/benefits
  • Workshop meeting details
  • Photos, maps, traffic volume charts, and other illustrative graphic elements
  • Conclusions (including next steps and workshop evaluations)
  • Appendices: workshop attendees, skill set reporting forms

Because the notes, PowerPoint slides and skill set forms developed during the workshop will be used by the FHWA technical writer to draft the final report, capturing concise and thorough notes throughout the workshop is crucial to the development of the ACTT report.

The Contact List

Skill Set Name:
NameTitleAgency or CompanyAddressRoom Number or Mail CodeCityStateZipPhoneFAXEmail

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