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Accelerated Construction Technology Transfer Toolkit

Archived: How do I prepare for the workshop?

Once the ACTT Pre-workshop meeting and related tasks are completed, a host agency prepares for the ACTT Workshop by addressing the following items:

  • Location (an agency facility or hotel, to be funded by the highway agency)
  • Facility requirements (one room large enough for full group, break out rooms for each Skill Set chosen, after hours access to break-out rooms)
  • Workshop equipment and supplies (laptop, projector, screen, portable printer for main room; laptop, at minimum, for each break-out room; flip charts and related supplies for each room)
  • Food and beverage needs (one evening reception, two continental breakfasts, one lunch, one dinner, and three breaks; may be hosted by local industry or others)
  • Participant welcome/briefing (prepared by host agency: registration booth; name tags; agenda, plans/specs/background material, workshop notebook, attendee list)
  • Site visit (arranged/funded by host agency: transportation and logistics for full group to visit project site with project description during tour)
  • Facilitators and note takers (for all groups; note takers must be proficient typists, using MS Word and Excel)
  • Invitational travel and per diem (funded by host agency, for non-FHWA national invitees)
  • Point of contact (single POC for ACTT Management Team and invitees)

Meanwhile, the Accelerated Construction Management Team helps with:

  • Skill Set expert participation
  • Travel coordination with national experts
  • Technical assistance with ACTT process
  • Preparation for final Workshop report development

The resources in this chapter provide host agencies with a sample of preparation documents, along with a summary checklist of budget and preparation needs. Details about the Workshop itself are provided in a subsequent chapter.

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