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A framework to implement innovations in systems operations that improve travel-time reliability in the face of growing demand.

Framework for Improving Travel-Time Reliability (L17)

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New strategies, technologies, and practices are emerging to help transportation agencies realize the benefits of effective highway system operation to improve travel time reliability and safety. These methods are not routinely incorporated into transportation business processes and decision making. Many transportation agency leaders do not have a background in transportation operations. As a result, they are not equipped to move their agencies toward an operations orientation. A framework is needed for transportation agency leaders to learn about leadership and management issues related to operations and reliability if they are to effectively take advantage of these new practices and methods.


Equip leaders and practitioners with ready access to a range of well-organized, cutting edge resources and expertise about transportation systems operations and reliability. SHRP2 is developing several tools to meet this need:

Knowledge Transfer System (KTS)

A comprehensive online resource that provides key information and resources to help agencies capitalize on this emerging area of practice.


By understanding the inherent value of advanced operations strategies and how to implement them, transportation leaders can increase their agency’s ability to operate highway systems to gain the economic, environmental, and safety benefits of reliable travel times.

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