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Pavement roller

Geotechnology selection guidance and engineering tools for embankment, ground improvement, and pavement support applications.

GeoTechTools (R02)


Many projects require geotechnical solutions that enable innovative project construction in restricted space and in challenging soil conditions. Many geotechnical solutions are either not widely used or are relatively new. As a result, the full benefits of these techniques are not realized as widely as they could be.


By assembling all the information needed to select, design, control quality, and specify soil improvement technologies for embankment construction, embankment widening, and pavement support into one convenient and comprehensive system, SHRP2’s GeoTechTools system provides transportation agencies and their contractors with the information to use proven technologies with confidence. is a web-based decision-making tool that has identified more than 46 geotechnical solutions for design and construction of embankments on soft soils, embankment widening, and pavement foundations. The website’s extensive and organized engineering tools collectively help engineers and project managers select and apply the most appropriate solution to site‐specific problems and conditions.


GeoTechTools accelerates the design and construction process by providing practitioners with a convenient and efficient way to identify and apply the best geotechnical solutions to site‐specific conditions and issues based on performance requirements. Using the tool can help agencies choose the technology that is the fastest to build, or that will complete the overall project faster.

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