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Advances in high-speed nondestructive testing procedures for both design evaluation and construction inspection to reopen facilities faster.

NDToolbox (R06)


As highway agencies strive to meet public demands to deliver durable and needed infrastructure faster and with limited resources, they need to be certain that their testing procedures are thorough, reliable, and fast. Existing nondestructive testing techniques need to evolve to keep pace with increasing demand for improved facilities with minimal construction-related delays.


Nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques developed through SHRP2 advance the state of practice in seven rapid renewal applications to enable inspection of existing and newly-constructed roads, bridge decks, and tunnels. These techniques result in quicker reopening times, and have shown significant benefits in field testing, including shorter inspection times, cost savings, earlier identification of deterioration and wear on bridge decks and pavements, and more efficient tunnel inspections.

This product provides decision makers with the information to ensure thorough, reliable, and safe inspection to achieve long-term performance and maximum service life of infrastructure. NDT contributes to faster, more efficient processes for state DOTs and local transportation agencies. The ability to reopen expanded or rehabilitated facilities faster reduces traffic maintenance costs, while the preventative maintenance approach identifies problems before they require extensive repairs. By using NDT techniques, repairs are completed faster, more safely, and with minimal impact on motorists.

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