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San Francisco County Transportation Authority: Value Pricing in San Francisco - San Francisco, California

San Francisco County Transportation Authority

This document is a proposal by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority for a grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) under the Value Pricing Pilot Program to conduct a conceptual planning and design study for an area road charging project in the downtown San Francisco area as well as a feasibility study and initial pilot of a parking assessment program to be implemented citywide. The city and county is faced with the challenges of the growth of 3+ car households, insatiable demand for parking, and inadequate funding to build and operate priority bus treatments that are needed to raise transit performance so that transit can compete effectively with the automobile for choice riders. The proposal provides details of the congestion challenges the city faces, the nature of the proposed pricing project, the timeline for the study and implementation phases, local support and public participation, monitoring and evaluation, and a plan for projects to become financially self-sustaining within three years.

The Downtown Seattle Access Project Parking Cash Out Experience: Results and Recommendations - Seattle, Washington

King County Metro, July 2003

King County Metro in Seattle, Washington, reviewed the experience of the Downtown Seattle Access Project (DSAP) in this July 2003 report. In 2001, King County Metro received a grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to test a project intended to increase the opportunity cost and decrease the convenience of commuter parking, with one major element of this program being parking cash out, or "FlexPark" in downtown Seattle. The report presents results, lessons learned, and suggestions for alternative uses of the remaining funds in the parking cash-out allotment of the downtown Seattle value pricing project.

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