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Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCOG) Value Pricing Report - National Capital Region, District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia

National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board, 2008

Conducted under a grant from the Federal Highway Administration's Value Pricing Pilot program and overseen by the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board, this 2008 study evaluates alternative scenarios for a network of variably priced highway lanes for the Metropolitan Washington Region. This study has evaluated the potential benefits and performance of three alternative scenarios for a regional network of variably priced lanes. Tasks performed include:

  • Scenario development: development and refinement of three variably priced lanes scenarios.
  • Scenario analysis: assessment of potential demand and revenue, potential costs, viability of transit, measures of effectiveness, land use impacts, and connectivity to the regional core and activity clusters.
  • Assessment of impacts of pricing scenarios on different populations: Assessment of how the pricing scenarios may impact traditionally transportation disadvantaged groups, including low-income populations, minorities and persons with disabilities.

In addition to results of the above described analyses, study methodology and areas for future research are discussed.

Regional Value Pricing Feasibility Study in Dallas - Dallas-Fort Worth Region, Texas

North Central Texas Council of Governments, 2005

The North Central Texas Council of Governments completed a Regional Value Pricing Evaluation Study for the Dallas-Fort Worth Region in 2005. This is the first of a three-phase study funded in part through a grant from the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Value Pricing Pilot Program in 2002 that resulted in the establishment of criteria, policies, and procedures to identify potential candidates for a short-term value pricing demonstration project. With this grant, a Regional Value Pricing Project Review Committee (PRC) was established to direct the pursuit of implementation strategies supporting managed facility concepts. This feasibility study defines and describes mobility in the Dallas Fort-Worth Region and guiding principles for applying value pricing region-wide, including development of ten facility evaluation criteria for short- and long-term consideration, and application of that criteria to identify a demonstration project.

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