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2018 HPMS Public Release

Dataset Description

Provides the Full Extent attributes for HPMS ARNOLD.

The files have been compressed utilizing the zip file format and are organized by State reflecting highways that are part of the HPMS-defined Federal-Aid System:

  • 1 Interstate
  • 2 Principal Arterial – Other Freeways and Expressways
  • 3 Principal Arterial – Other
  • 4 Minor Arterial
  • 5 Major Collector
  • 6 Urban Minor Collector
  • Additionally, any other highways that are designated as part of the National Highway System

The following considerations should be adhered to:

  • ARNOLD will be used as the base.
  • The LRS will be maintained on all of the geometry.
  • Attributtes will be attached through Dynamic Segmentation which will have moderate recalculation of the Begin and End Points.
  • The geodetic accuracy and topological structure of the linework have not been evaluated. Use of these data for navigation is not recommended. The user assumes the risk.
  • National summaries created by aggregating this data may render different results from the information presented in FHWA's Highway Statistics tables. Although the same data was used to produce both formats, GIS processing that linked route data to attribute data may not have been successful and have impacted results in some areas. Data in this spatial format may not completely cover all Federal-aid highways. The information portrayed in the Highway Statistics tables represent the official calculations for national Extent, Condition and performance data and are compiled by enterprise database methodologies.
  • This information represented in these Data is a compilation of data collected from many State Departments of Transportation (DOT's). The FHWA extensively reviews the data for consistency and accuracy prior to publication. There may be some remaining discrepancies at the section level. Ultimately, the source of this data is the State DOT's. Subsequent errors that are detected will be passed back to the State DOT for investigation and if confirmed, will be corrected in the following HPMS cycle.

The HPMS Public Release has the following schema:

Database Field Name Familiar Translation Description
YEAR_RECORD Data Year The calendar year for which the data are being reported.
STATE_CODE State FIPS Code The State Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) code.
ROUTE_ID The unique identifier for a given roadway (i.e., route). The unique identifier for a given roadway (i.e., route).Used for linear referencing attributtes through the Dynamic Segmentation process
BEGIN_POINT Beginning Limit of the Segment The point of origin for a given section of road.
END_POINT End Limit of the Segment The terminus point for a given section of road.
AADT Annual Average Daily Traffic Annual Average Daily Traffic on the entire Facility
AADT_COMBINATION Annual Average Daily Combination Truck Traffic Annual Average Daily Combination Truck Traffic on the entire Facility
AADT_SINGLE_UNIT Annual Average Daily Single Unit Truck Traffic Annual Average Daily Single Unit Truck Traffic on the entire Facility
ACCESS_CONTROL Access Control Access Control Level(See HPMS Field Manual for coding)
COUNTY_CODE County Code The U.S Census County FIPS Code
F_SYSTEM Functional Classification The FHWA approved Functional Classification System. (See HPMS Field Manual for coding)
FACILITY_TYPE Type of Facilty The operational characteristic of the roadway. (See HPMS Field Manual for coding)
IRI International Roughness Index International Roughness Index
IRI_YEAR IRI Year Collection Year of the International Roughness Index
NHS National Highway System A Roadway that is a component of the National Highway System (NHS). (See HPMS Field Manual for coding)
OWNERSHIP Highway Ownership The entity that has legal ownership of a roadway. (See HPMS Field Manual for coding)
PSR Present Serviceability Rating Rating from 0.0 - 5.0(See HPMS Field Manual)
ROUTE_NUMBER Route Number Numereric value that cooresponds to the Signed Route Number
ROUTE_NAME Road Name A common unauthoritative name of the facility. (Optional)
ROUTE_QUALIFIER Route Qualifier Type of route i.e. Business Route. (See HPMS Field Manual for coding)
ROUTE_SIGNING Route Signing Type of route Signing i.e Interstate Shields. (See HPMS Field Manual for coding)
SPEED_LIMIT Posted Speed Limit Posted Speed Limit
STRAHNET_TYPE Strategic Highway System STRAHNET Designation (See HPMS Field Manual for coding)
STRUCTURE_TYPE Structure Type Roadway section that is a bridge, tunnel or causeway
THROUGH_LANES Through Lanes The operational characteristic of the roadway.
TOLL_CHARGED Toll Charged Number of Through Lanes on the entire Facility.
TOLL_TYPE Toll Type Toll Type
TRUCK National Network National Network designation
URBAN_CODE Urban Area Code The U.S. Census Urban Area Code.

Data Access

State Link
Alabama https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Alabama_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Alaska https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Alaska_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Arizona https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Arizona_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Arkansas https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Arkansas_2018_PR/FeatureServer
California https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/California_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Colorado https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Colorado_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Connecticut https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Connecticut_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Delaware https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Delaware_2018_PR/FeatureServer
District of Columbia https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/District_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Florida https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Florida_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Georgia https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Georgia_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Hawaii https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Hawaii_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Idaho https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Idaho_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Illinois https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Illinois_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Indiana https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Indiana_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Iowa https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Iowa_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Kansas https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Kansas_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Kentucky https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Kentucky_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Louisiana https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Louisiana_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Maine https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Maine_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Maryland https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Maryland_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Massachusetts https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Massachusetts_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Michigan https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Michigan_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Minnesota https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Minnesota_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Mississippi https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Mississippi_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Missouri https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Missouri_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Montana https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Montana_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Nebraska https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Nebraska_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Nevada https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Nevada_2018_PR/FeatureServer
New Hampshire https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/NewHampshire_2018_PR/FeatureServer
New Jersey https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/NewJersey_2018_PR/FeatureServer
New Mexico https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/NewMexico_2018_PR/FeatureServer
New York https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/NewYork_2018_PR/FeatureServer
North Carolina https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/NorthCarolina_2018_PR/FeatureServer
North Dakota https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/NorthDakota_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Ohio https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Ohio_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Oklahoma https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Oklahoma_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Oregon https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Oregon_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Pennsylvania https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Pennsylvania_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Rhode Island https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/RhodeIsland_2018_PR/FeatureServer
South Carolina https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/SouthCarolina_2018_PR/FeatureServer
South Dakota https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/SouthDakota_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Tennessee https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Tennessee_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Texas https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Texas_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Utah https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Utah_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Vermont https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Vermont_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Virginia https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Virginia_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Washington https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Washington_2018_PR/FeatureServer
West Virginia https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/WestVirginia_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Wisconsin https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Wisconsin_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Wyoming https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/Wyoming_2018_PR/FeatureServer
Puerto Rico https://geo.dot.gov/server/rest/services/Hosted/PuertoRico_2018_PR/FeatureServer

Point of Contact:

Thomas Roff
Office of Highway Policy Information
(202) 366-5035


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