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Conditions and Performance Report. Appendix A.

Conditions and Performance Report
Appendix A—Interstate Needs

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Current Conditions and Performance

Projected Conditions and Performance in 2007

Resources Needed to Maintain and Improve the Interstate System

Addressing Interstate System Needs



This edition of the C&P report includes the results of a study on Interstate Needs required by Section 1107(c) of the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21). The three required elements of the study contained in this Appendix are: First, to determine the expected condition of the Interstate System over the next 10 years and the needs of States and Metropolitan Planning Organizations to reconstruct and improve the Interstate System; second, to determine the resources necessary to maintain and improve the Interstate System; and third, to determine the means to ensure that the Nation's surface transportation program can address the needs identified in this Appendix, and to allow for States to address any extraordinary needs.

This appendix begins with a brief description of the current conditions and performance of Interstate Highways and Bridges based on 1997 data. This is followed by a discussion of the analytical processes used to project expected Interstate conditions in 2007. Rural and Urban Interstate Highways are examined separately, to show the impact that different levels of highway reconstruction and 3R (restoration, rehabilitation, and resurfacing) would have on average pavement roughness, and on the miles of pavement in poor condition. The analysis then expands to also consider the impact of widening improvements, and evaluates the impacts that different levels of investment would have on both Interstate pavement condition and operational performance. An analysis of Rural and Urban Interstate Bridges identifies the level of investment for bridge replacement and bridge rehabilitation required to maintain and improve bridge conditions. This section of the report concludes by combining the results of the highway and bridge analyses.

The third section of this appendix identifies the resources needed to Maintain and Improve the Interstate System over the next 10 years, and compares these needs with projected spending levels from 1998 through 2007. This is followed by an analysis examining how the structure and funding levels for the components of the Federal-aid Highway Program align with Interstate System needs.


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