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Conditions and Performance Report. Chapter 2

Conditions and Performance Report
Chapter 2—System and Use Characteristics

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Highway and Bridge System and Use Characteristics

Transit System Characteristics



This chapter describes system and use characteristics for most elements of the American surface transportation system. This network includes roads, bridges, and public transit infrastructure. As such, it provides the backbone for an economy that is increasingly hemispheric and dependent on the rapid, integrated movement of people and goods.

The chapter begins with a summary of the key points that are addressed in greater detail later in the chapter. This section includes a summary table comparing key highway and transit statistics with the values shown in the last report. This combined summary is followed by separate sections on highways, bridges, and transit characteristics and system usage.

Both vehicle miles and passenger miles of travel are distributed across functional systems, and travel by passenger vehicles, single-unit trucks, and combination trucks is shown by major highway category.

The transit section of this chapter begins with an overview of transit system operations, followed by information on the transit fleet and infrastructure. A discussion follows of transit route miles (the number of miles covered by a transit route), capacity, passenger miles of travel, and transit vehicle occupancy.

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