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Performance Requirements Summary

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The MAP-21 legislation integrates performance into many federal transportation programs and contains several performance elements. The FHWA -TPM team is organized to help with coordinating the alignment of MAP-21 requirements, providing guidance, and resources. To assist with this effort FHWA has provided here more information about the specific performance management requirements outlined in MAP-21. Below is more information regarding the performance requirements for the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) as established in MAP-21. FHWA has issued proposed regulations to implement these MAP-21 safety performance provisions.

The Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

Performance Element Performance Requirements for HSIP

Performance Measures

  • Not later than 18 months after date of enactment USDOT, in consultation with State DOTs, MPOs, and other stakeholders will promulgate a rulemaking that establishes measures.
  • Provide not less than 90 days to comment on regulation.
  • Take into consideration any comments.
  • Limit performance measures to those described under 23USC150(c).
  • For the purpose of carrying out the Highway Safety Improvement Program USDOT shall establish measures for States to use to assess:
    • Serious injuries per vehicle mile travelled
    • Fatalities per vehicle mile travelled
    • Number of serious injuries
    • Number of fatalities
  • Measures used to assess safety on all public roads

Performance Targets

  • States must coordinate, to the maximum extent practical with relevant MPOs in selecting a target to ensure for consistency
  • MPOs must coordinate, to the maximum extent practical, with the relevant State/s in selecting a target to ensure consistency
  • Coordination required with public transportation providers.
  • States and MPOs must integrate other performance plans into the performance-based process

Performance Plans

  • Strategic Highway Safety Plan
    • Highway Safety Improvement Program
    • Updated using process approved by USDOT
    • USDOT to establish update frequency

Target Achievement

  • "State has not met or made significant progress toward meeting the performance targets... the date that is 2 years after the date of the establishment of the performance targets"
    • State must set aside formula limitation equal to the amount of HSIP funding obligated in the prior year to safety projects only and submit annually to the DOT a plan to achieve the targets

Special Performance Rules

  • High Risk Rural Road Safety
    • Fatality rate on rural roads increases over most recent 2 year period then:
      • HSIP set aside required to address high risk rural roads
  • Older Drivers
    • Traffic fatalities and serious injuries per capita for drivers and pedestrians over the age of 65 increases during the most recent 2 year period then:
      • Document in SHSP strategies to address increases in these rates

Performance Reporting

  • State Report on Performance Progress
    • Required initially by October 1, 2016 and every 2 years thereafter
    • Report includes:
      • Progress in achieving all State performance targets
  • Highway Safety Improvement Program Report
    • Reporting frequency and content to be established by USDOT
  • Metropolitan System Performance Report
    • Required in transportation plan every 4 or 5 years
    • Report includes:
      • Evaluate condition and performance of transportation system
      • Progress achieved in meeting performance targets in comparison with the performance in previous reports
      • Evaluation of how preferred scenario has improved conditions and performance, where applicable
      • Evaluation of how local policies and investments have impacted costs necessary to achieve performance targets , where applicable
  • Statewide Transportation Plan
    • No required frequency
    • Optional report on system performance
Updated: 07/22/2015
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