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2020 Mousetrap Winner - Pioneer Award

Spring Load Arm Enhancement for Gravel Saver

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The Spring Load Arm Enhancement is an attachment to the Gravel Saver Disc, which clears away debris and vegetation from roadside to keep them from being a hazard to drivers. The problem with the Gravel Saver Disc is that it would often crack or break from getting hit with rocks or other solid objects and sometimes the vegetation would cause clogging on the machine. LaMoure County, North Dakota spent time and money replacing the disc.

The Spring Load Arm Enhancement gives the gravel saver disc flexibility due to its angled positioning. The rocks and vegetation can flow more freely with less clogging and breaking to the Gravel Saver Disc. This innovative idea cost LaMoure County an estimated $300 and only took the work of 2 people to develop the idea.

Tim Geiner, LaMoure County Assistant Road Superintendent says he first got the idea for the Spring Load Arm Enhancement back in 2011 during a conversation with a friend. He thought it was such a great idea that he spent the next several years pondering over how it could work. "I had 3 or 4 different cardboard cutouts of the concept trying to visualize how this could work. Finally, I took my idea to a machinist and he helped me with the measurements to ensure proper angles and clearance," says Tim.

Tim says he was speechless when he was notified about winning Build a Better Mousetrap. "I get myself into trouble all the time because my mind is constantly trying new things before I do it myself," Tim laughs. His best advice to other agencies is you have to just go for it. "If you see something and wish it could be different, don't stop there. Think about it, figure it out and ponder it. If you think it should be better, there's probably something you can do to make it better."

Congratulations to the LaMoure County Highway Department in North Dakota as the recipient of the 2020 Build a Better Mousetrap Pioneer Award.

For more information:
Tim Geinert, Josh Loegering
LaMoure County Highway Department
(701)320-6120 or (701)883-5131


Spring Load Arm Enhancement used in LaMoure County, North Dakota to clear debris from the shoulders of the roadways. Alternate view of the Spring Load Arm Enhancement.

Source: LaMoure County, ND

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