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Innovation Exchange Webinars

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The Center for Local-aid Support (CLAS) team is the conduit for connecting Local agencies, Tribes and Federal Land Management Agencies to innovative market-ready deployment opportunities that can be used on our nation's highways to save lives, project delivery time, and money. Through Innovation Exchange webinars, we are bringing cutting-edge transportation leaders to the table to share ideas and out of the box innovative practices that have proven results.

Innovation Exchange webinars are given by subject-matter experts and thought leaders to spread new ideas, spark conversation, and promote innovative leadership for the issues confronting our nation's transportation system now and in the future. The goal of Innovation Exchange webinars is to allow participants to (1) gain best practices of innovation deployment from subject matter experts (2) have a venue to discuss transportation related ideas and issues with other transportation partners around the country, and (3) learn and share successful practices.

We encourage and challenge our transportation partners to join in and participate on each Innovation Exchange topic by watching informative presentations and engaging in Q&A discussions. Please email with questions or comments on Innovation Exchange webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

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April 25, 2024 — Strategic Workforce Development Initiatives with Tribal Communities
Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 161 921 2094
Passcode: 637827

May 16, 2024 — Forts to Ports
Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 161 061 8224
Passcode: 459264

June 20, 2024 — Engineered Log Jams
Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 161 632 2231
Passcode: 053096

July 18, 2024 — Communication Tools: Technologies that Assist Design and Construction
Meeting Link
Meeting ID: 161 266 5397
Passcode: 879594

Webinars On-Demand

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Innovation Exchange: EDC 6
October 1, 2020
View Webinar

Build A Better Mousetrap 2020
September 10, 2020
View Webinar


Winter Toolkit Innovation Exchange
October 15, 2020
View Webinar

Fixing Damaged Culverts in Place
March 5, 2020
View Webinar

Road Brine and Beyond
February 20, 2020
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Bridge Rehabilitation Activities
October 31, 2019
Webinar Flyer

Effective Culvert Repair Practices
August 22, 2019
View Webinar

National Park Service Pavement Preservation: Repair Road Edge Stabilization
April 4, 2019
View Webinar

Weather Responsive Management Strategies: Roadway Brine Usage
April 18, 2019
View Webinar

GRS-IBS: Ivars Road Bridge (Alaska)/ Lahaina Bypass (Hawaii)
March 21, 2019
View Webinar

Driving Surface Aggregate
December 13, 2018
View Webinar

Cold Weather Concreting for Transportation Agencies
November 15, 2018
View Webinar

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Wraps on Prestressed Concrete Box Beam Bridge
May 24, 2018
View Webinar

Dust Management
April 5, 2018
View Webinar

High Friction Surface Treatment
March 6, 2018
View Webinar

Tools for Pavement Preservation - HOW
February 22, 2018
View Webinar

Gravel Road Maintenance
February 14, 2018
View Webinar

Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) for Local Agencies
December 6, 2017
View Webinar

Weather-Savvy Roads
September 6, 2017
View Webinar

Unpaved Road Dust and Stabilization Solutions
August 23, 2017
View Webinar

Pavement Preservation: When, Where, and How Webinar
June 22, 2017
View Webinar


SHRP2 Railroad Crossing Coordination
April 23, 2020
View Webinar

Reducing Rural Road Departures
December 12, 2019
View Webinar

Safety Data Mining
February 21, 2019
View Webinar

Data-Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA) for Local Roads
December 13, 2017
View Webinar

Construction Management

The Connected Job Site
November 14, 2019
View Webinar

Real Time Network
May 3, 2018
View Webinar

E-construction and Partnering
March 22, 2018
View Webinar


Innovation Exchange: US DOT Funding Opportunities
October 29, 2020
View Webinar

Value Capture: Capitalizing on the Value Created by Transportation
August 8, 2019
View Webinar

Introduction to Innovative Finance Strategies
August 2, 2018
View Webinar

Asset Management

Asset Management: Incorporating Data into Decision Making
May 21, 2020
View Webinar

Asset Data Management - Cost Effective Data Collection (Part 1)
September 5, 2019
View Webinar

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)
June 27, 2019
View Webinar

Asset Management for Local Agency Programs
May 17, 2018
View Webinar


Innovation Exchange: 3D Printing Infrastructure Innovations
November 12, 2020
View Webinar

Using Short Span Steel Bridges at the Local Level
July 9, 2020
View Webinar

Collaborative Hydraulics: Advancing to the Next Generation of Engineering
July 25, 2019
View Webinar

Internally Cured Concrete
May 16, 2019
View Webinar

Advanced Geotechnical Methods in Exploration (A-Game)
March 7, 2019
View Webinar

Showcase of Safe and Cost-effective Design and Construction of Short-span Steel Bridges
April 19, 2018
View Webinar

Collaborative Hydraulics, Advancing to the Next Generation of Engineering (CHANGE)
November 8, 2017
View Webinar


September 24, 2020
View Webinar

Railroad Coordination
August 27, 2020
View Webinar

Virtual Public Involvement
May 30, 2019
View Webinar

Burned Area Emergency Relief (BAER) Strategies for Low Volume Roads
October 4, 2017
View Webinar

Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) Demonstration: How to Write a Proposal
June 7, 2017
View Webinar


Innovation Exchange: Winter Toolkit
October 15, 2020
View Webinar

Connected and Automated Vehicles
February 6, 2020
View Webinar

Use of Crowdsourcing to Advance Operations
June 13, 2019
View Webinar

Mobile Solutions for Assessment and Reporting (MSAR) Application Webinar
November 8, 2018
View Webinar

All About Drones: Rules, Riggings, Routines, and Results
June 20, 2018
View Webinar

Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM)
October 26, 2017
View Webinar

Traffic Incident Management (TIM) - Part II
September 20, 2017
View Webinar

Traffic Incident Management (TIM) - Part I
July 26, 2017
View Webinar


Green Stormwater Management
May 7, 2020
View Webinar

Innovation and Sustainable Transportation Evaluation Process (INSTEP) Webinar
May 25, 2017
View Webinar

Integrating NEPA and Permitting Webinar
May 24, 2017
View Webinar

Contract Administration

Rail Coordination
August 27, 2020
View Webinar

Project Bundling Innovation Exchange
June 4, 2020
View Webinar

EDC 5: Project Bundling
February 7, 2019
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