Build a Better Mousetrap Competition

The Build a Better Mousetrap National Competition highlights innovative solutions to everyday problems and issues that local and tribal transportation workers encounter. They can range from the development of tools, equipment modifications, to processes that increase safety, reduce cost, improve efficiency and the quality of transportation.

2018 Winners

Pothole tracking app

Mobile App Tracks Potholes and Patches

Efficient monitoring of repairs using a GIS-driven map-based platform.
Source:©1995-2018 Esri

A guardrail reclaimer

Old Guardrails Find New Purpose

Using recycled materials in the construction of a building that houses recyclables.
Source: Clearwater County, ID, Road and Bridge Dept.

Portable manhole

Portable Manhole Hits The Road

A portable manhole that can be used indoors for training, eliminating the unpredictability of Mother Nature.
Source: Source: Beacon, NY, Highway Dept.

Entries Booklet 2018: Build A Better Mousetrap National Competition

How does the competition work?

National Entry Booklets

The National Entry Booklet is a compilation of all entries submitted for the Build a Better Mousetrap National Competition, representing LTAP/TTAP Centers from around the country.

View National Entry Booklets from prior years.

  • Centers hold their own state or region-wide Build a Better Mousetrap Competition
  • Centers select the winner of their state or region-wide competition
  • Centers submit their nominee to the Build a Better Mousetrap National Competition
  • Nominations to the national competition are accepted only through Center submission however, Centers are also welcome to submit entries on the behalf of other interested localities
  • Winners are announced annually at the LTAP/TTAP National Conference.

How are the winners selected?

The National Competition is judged on the criteria listed below:

  • Cost Savings/Benefits to the Community
  • Ingenuity
  • Ease of Transference to Others
  • Effectiveness

Winners will be selected by an independent panel of judges. All entries will be posted on and compiled into an electronic booklet for you and your clients to learn more about the best practices from around the country.

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