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An Integrated Approach to Establishing Native Plants and Pollinator Habitat →

The Roadside Revegetation training modules provide a guided learning experience that teaches basic revegetation principals using text explanation, video, illustrations, interactive activities, and quizzes. The modules are intended to complement the Technical Guide but may be used for standalone training.

Each module will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. Information in each module builds upon the modules that precede it. If you are new to revegetation, it is recommended that you work through the modules in consecutive order

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A Sustainable Transportation Project Road Trip →

The Sustainable Transportation Project Road Trip is an interactive tool to stimulate thinking and facilitate discussion among transportation practitioners about how to achieve successful, sustainable delivery of transportation projects. The tool is equally versatile for group settings or self-directed exploration.

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Aesthetic Roadside Treatment Showcase Photo Album →

This photo album presents photographs, selected detail drawings, descriptions, and costs for innovative context-sensitive aesthetic roadway treatments. The material for this album comes from submittals by transportation professionals from across the United States. And is divided in to the following aesthetic categories:

Retaining Walls • Bridges • Fences • Barriers • Bio Engineering • Slope Treatments • Pavements

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Wildlife Crossings Toolkit →

The Wildlife Crossings Toolkit provides information for terrestrial biologists, engineers, and transportation professionals to assist in maintaining or restoring habitat connectivity across transportation infrastructure on public lands.

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