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An Integrated Approach to Building Sustainable Roadways →

The training modules for An Integrated Approach to Building Sustainable Roadways introduce a new, six-step process for integrating sustainability into the planning, design and construction of roadway projects. This process is intended to fit within the existing design process and to remain flexible enough to apply to projects of different types and scale.

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Traffic Monitoring in Federal Lands →

The Traffic Monitoring training modules provide the essentials of monitoring traffic in federal lands such as national parks, nature preserves and wildlife refuges. Modules cover assessing monitoring needs, scoping the effort, choosing the tools for the job, and analyzing and effectively reporting findings.

Information in each module builds upon the modules that precede it. If you are new to revegetation, it is recommended that you work through the modules in consecutive order.

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Avoiding Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions →

In the United States, a recent study estimated there are more than one million collisions between vehicles and large animals annually.

This 25-minute safety training program will help you reduce your probability of having large animal-vehicle collisions, especially with deer.

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