Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP)

There are 51 LTAP centers - one in each State and one serving Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Since 1982, FHWA has supported local and rural road agencies across the US by providing training, technical assistance and technology transfer services to help them manage and maintain their roadway systems. The primary vehicle for this effort has been the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), a network of 51 local Centers across the US and in Puerto Rico funded by FHWA.

Through LTAP, these local public agencies have received mission-critical services that filled vital needs on a traditionally underserved portion of the national roadway system. Often, LTAP training events and personalized assistance were the only source for locally relevant and compatible resources. Over the years LTAP has carved a significant niche in providing these services. The program, with it's low- to no-cost model and practical accessibility, is a benefit to a local agency workforce challenged by limited access to training and technical assistance resources.

For more information about the National LTAP, please visit National Local Technical Assistance Program Association Website

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Local Technical Assistance Program Centers Map Alaska Alaska LTAP, Alaska Research, Development & Technology Transfer, Contact: David Waldo Alaska LTAP Website Hawaii Hawaii LTAP, State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Contact: Casey Abe Hawaii LTAP Website Puerto Rico Puerto Rico LTAP, Puerto Rico Transportation Technology Transfer Center, Contact: Dr. Benjamin Colucci Puerto Rico LTAP Website WA Washington LTAP, Washington State LTAP Center, Contact: Matthew Enders Washington LTAP Website OR Oregon LTAP, Oregon Technology Transfer Center, Contact: Rebekah Jacobson Washington LTAP Website CA California LTAP, California LTAP Center, Contact: Pauline Cueva Washington LTAP Website NV Nevada LTAP, Nevada LTAP Center, Contact: Jim Nichols Nevada LTAP Website ID Idaho LTAP, LHTAC T2 Center, Contact: Laila Kral Idaho LTAP Website UT Utah LTAP, Utah LTAP Center, Contact: Nick Jones Utah LTAP Website AZ Arizona LTAP, Arizona LTAP, Contact: Rebecca Mayher Arizona LTAP Website CO Colorado LTAP, Colorado LTAP, Contact: Renee Railsback Colorado LTAP Website NM New Mexico LTAP, New Mexico LTAP, Contact: Josh Johnson New Mexico LTAP Website WY Wyoming LTAP, Wyoming Technology Transfer Center (WyT2/LTAP), Contact: Khaled Ksaibati Wyoming LTAP Website MT Montana LTAP, Montana Local Technical Assistance Program, Contact: Matthew Ulberg Montana LTAP Website ND North Dakota LTAP, North Dakota LTAP, Contact: Dale Heglund North Dakota LTAP Website SD South Dakota LTAP, South Dakota Local Transportation Assistance Program, Contact: Greg Vavra South Dakota LTAP Website NE Nebraska LTAP, Nebraska Local Technical Assistance Program (NE LTAP), Contact: Nicole Frankl Nebraska LTAP Website KS Kansas LTAP, Kansas University Transportation Center, Contact: Lisa Harris Kansas LTAP Website TX Texas LTAP, TxLTAP, Contact: Dawn Hinton Texas LTAP Website OK Oklahoma LTAP, Oklahoma Local Technical Assistance Program, Contact: Shannon Sheffert Oklahoma LTAP Website MN Minnesota LTAP, Minnesota LTAP, Contact: Mindy Carlson Minnesota LTAP Website IA Iowa LTAP, Iowa LTAP, Contact: Keith Knapp Iowa LTAP Website MO Missouri LTAP, Missouri LTAP, Contact: Kristi L. Barr Missouri LTAP Website AR Arkansas LTAP, Arkansas Technology Transfer Center, Contact: Laura D. Carter Arkansas LTAP Website LA Louisiana LTAP, Louisiana LTAP Technology Transfer Center, Contact: Marie B. Walsh Louisiana LTAP Website MS Mississippi LTAP, Mississippi LTAP, Contact: Shirley Johnson Mississippi LTAP Website AL Alabama LTAP, Alabama Technology Transfer Center, Contact: Dr. Rod Turochy Alabama LTAP Website GA Georgia LTAP, Georgia Department of Transportation LTAP Center, Contact: Beverly Fontenot Georgia LTAP Website FL Florida LTAP, Florida Transportation Technology Transfer Center, Contact: Dr. Pei-Sung Lin Florida LTAP Website SC South Carolina LTAP, South Carolina Transportation Technology Transfer Service, Contact: Erin Gray South Carolina LTAP Website NC North Carolina LTAP, North Carolina LTAP, Contact: James Martin North Carolina LTAP Website TN Tennessee LTAP, Tennessee Transportation Assistance Program, Contact: Matt Cate Tennessee LTAP Website KY Kentucky LTAP, Kentucky Transportation Center, Contact: Martha Horseman Kentucky LTAP Website IN Indiana LTAP, Indiana LTAP, Contact: Dr. Bob McCullouch Indiana LTAP Website IL Illinois LTAP, Illinois Technology Transfer Center, Contact: Barry Kent Illinois LTAP Website OH Ohio LTAP, Ohio LTAP Center, Contact: Victoria Beale Ohio LTAP Website PA Pennsylvania LTAP, PennDOT LTAP, Contact: Lou Ferretti Pennsylvania LTAP Website WV West Virginia LTAP, West Virginia LTAP, Contact: John Zaniewski West Virginia LTAP Website VA Virginia LTAP, U. Va. Transportation Training Academy, Contact: Elizabeth O'Donnell Virginia LTAP Website NY New York LTAP, Cornell Local Roads Program (New York LTAP), Contact: David Orr New York LTAP Website NJ New Jersey LTAP, New Jersey Local Technical Assistance Program, Contact: Janet Leli New Jersey LTAP Website CT Connecticut LTAP, Connecticut Technology Transfer Center, Contact: Donna Shea Connecticut LTAP Website RI Rhode Island LTAP, University of Rhode Island Transportation Center, Contact: Loren Doyle Rhode Island LTAP Website DE Delaware LTAP, Delaware T2 / LTAP Center, Contact: Earl Rusty Lee Delaware LTAP Website MD Maryland LTAP, Center for Advanced Transportation Technology and Maryland T2 Center, Carly Keane Maryland LTAP Website WS Wisconsin LTAP, Wisconsin Transportation Information Center, Contact: Benjamin J. Jordan, P.E. Wisconsin LTAP Website MI Michigan LTAP, Michigan Local Technical Assistance Program, Contact: Tim Colling Michigan LTAP Website MA Massachusetts LTAP, Massachusetts LTAP - Baystate Roads, Contact: Chris Ahmadjian ME Maine LTAP, Maine Local Roads Center, contact: Peter Coughlan Maine LTAP Website VT Vermont LTAP, Vermont Local Roads Program, Contact: Stu Johnson Vermont LTAP Website NH New Hampshire LTAP, UNH - Technology Transfer Center, Contact: Stephanie Cottrell New Hampshire LTAP Website
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