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Remarks on the TTAP Restructuring

National Tribal Transportation Conference

Tony Furst
FHWA Chief Innovation Officer

Tucson, Arizona
September 25, 2017

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Organization Chart

Organization chartCenter Full Time Employees / Number of TribesMap of regions/numbers of employees/number of centers

TTAP Center Center Full Time Employees Tribes in TTAP Area
Northwest 2 43
Western 2.5 126
Mountain West 3 44
Southern Plains 3 46
Northern Plains 3 23
Eastern 2.6 66
Alaska 1 229

Status of Agreements

TTAP Center Award Date Base Year #1 Base Year #2 Option Year #1 Option Year #2 Option Year #3
Alaska 9/1/2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 *
Southern Plains 8/1/2012
Western 8/1/2012
Eastern 2/6/2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 * 2018-2019
Mountain West 8/1/2014
Northern Plains 3/28/2014
Northwest 3/5/2014

* highlighted


Face to Face and current distance learning combined

Total Hours of Training

National TTAP Center
Virtual Tribal Centers of Excellence

Tribal Roads Scholars Certification Program

  • Asset & Data Management
  • Project Delivery
  • Safety
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Planning & Program Management

Map showing that virtual Centers are available nationwide

Annual Total Hours of Training

Graph: Current annual training hours

Graph: Projected annual training hours


  • Current TTAP Centers suspend operations - 9/30/17
  • All communications regarding TTAP services, resources and requests to
  • CLAS will coordinate requests with FHWA and LTAP resources.
  • National TTAP Center up and operational 90 days after award - January 2018.
  • Roads Scholar Program up and operational 180 days after award - March 2018.

Communications Plan

FHWA will engage with tribal governments as requested at regional and national meetings for the purpose of exchanging information and receiving input.

FHWA will continue to work with the TTPCC throughout the pilot sharing performance and outcome metrics. Victoria Peters will attend all meetings.

Direct communications with CLAS staff at any time - phone, email - this info posted on website.

Nov 2017 Webinar Introducing the New TTAP Center
Jan 2018 Webinar Sharing TTAP Training Plan for 2018
Jun 2018 Virtual Listening Session to Discuss Pilot
Nov 2018 Virtual Listening Session to Discuss Pilot & Share 2019 Training Plan
Mar 2019 Virtual Listening Session to Discuss Pilot
Jun 2019 Informational Webinar on Future TTAP Plans
Nov 2019 Pilot Ends
Nov 2019 Webinar Sharing Final Results of Two-Year Pilot
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