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Conditions and Performance Report. Appendix D.

Conditions and Performance Report
Appendix D—Asset Management and
Investment Strategies: An Update

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Current Practice

Assessment of Current Practices

Improving the Process

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This document, the 1999 Status of the Nation's Highways, Bridges and Transit: Conditions and Performance Report (C&P Report) to Congress, focuses on current system condition and performance and future capital investment requirements to achieve specified system performance levels. The Report also provides an assessment of the relationship between investment requirements and current spending. The Report's content does not include an explicit discussion of potential options appropriate for responding to anticipated system conditions and requirements.

This Appendix is the first in a series of updates on initiatives to expand State capabilities to meet highway and bridge user requirements through improved decision-making processes with respect to resource allocation, programming and project selection. Provided in this Appendix is an assessment of current practice: What do we have? How is it working? What do we need? How do we get there? Subsequent editions will report on State progress in specific areas such as implementing Engineering Economic Analysis (EEA) principles and techniques. EEA decision-support tools include life-cycle cost and benefit/cost analysis. In addition, future updates will address the extent to which the decision-making approach is oriented toward multi-modal considerations.

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