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Conditions and Performance Report. Appendix D.

Conditions and Performance Report
Appendix D—Asset Management and
Investment Strategies: An Update

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Current Practice

Assessment of Current Practices

Improving the Process

Strategies for Implementation




AASHTO and FHWA are convinced that Asset Management is a better way of doing business. An Asset Management philosophy focuses on the benefits of investment as well as its costs, and takes a comprehensive view of the entire portfolio of transportation resources. Objective, fact-based tools and techniques are systematically applied to determine how best to deploy available resources in order to achieve system-wide agency goals. Asset Management is an improved way of doing business that responds to an environment of increasing system demands, aging infrastructure and limited resources.

Asset Management also provides the ability to show how, when and why resources were committed. Transportation officials are being held increasingly more accountable to their customers—the American public. The public demands a high return on the portfolio of transportation assets which, of course, represents a collection of public resources.

Making Asset Management a reality requires new information and analytical tools, new approaches to organizational communication, and new management practices. AASHTO and FHWA are both committed to continuing to work together as partners to identify knowledge gaps, develop and fund a long-term research agenda, and assist the States in implementing new tools, techniques and enhanced management approaches and business practices in Asset Management.

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