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Major Findings
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Respondents were asked which highway characteristic should receive the most attention and resources for improvement. They chose improvements to traffic flow (28%), safety (26%), and pavement conditions (21%).

This chart shows most important highway improvements

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Travelers were asked to rate how a series of possible highway improvements
might help them overcome the travel delay problems they experience on roadways. The three improvements mentioned most frequently as a "great help" to overcoming travel delay problems all relate to repairs: more durable paving materials (67%), repairs made during non-rush hours (66%), and reducing repair time (52%). Other important improvements are traffic signal timing (50%), clearing accidents quickly (43%), and adding travel lanes (42%).

This chart shows preferred transportation improvements to overcome travel delay problems

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When asked about closing roads to make long-lasting repairs, 67 percent of respondents would support closed roads for one week, and 37 percent would support closed roads for one month. However, just 16 percent would support a three-month closing, and 10 percent or fewer would support longer closings (six months to a year).

This chart shows support of road closures for long-lasting repairs

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