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Best Management Practices for Chemical Treatment Systems for Construction Stormwater and Dewatering

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6. Monitoring Report of Chemical Treatment Systems

The use of CTS typically involves relatively high expenditures in areas of higher than average sensitivity. Because CTS are a relatively new technology for the construction industry, it is important to provide consistent reporting on these systems in order to properly evaluate them. The following are elements which must be included in the monitoring reports for all CTS.

  • Rainfall: amounts and time.
  • Amounts and types of chemical used (range of dosing rates & total amounts used).
  • Volume treated.
  • Volumes of flow in and out of CTS.
  • Influent/effluent: pH, turbidity.
  • Water quality of receiving waters: name, type, temperature, turbidity, pH.
  • Schematic diagram and dimensions of treatment system used.
  • Maintenance performed.
  • Compliance data: thresholds both met and exceeded.

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