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Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) Update

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Tribal Technical Assistance Program Pilot
December 6, 2017

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Welcome to today's Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP) Update

Thank you for your patience while participants join the webinar.

If you have not connected to the audio portion of the webinar, please do so now:
Dial: 866-434-5269
Passcode: 1171779

Communications Plan

Contract Milestones graphic

Text of Contract Milestones Graphic


  • Pilot Begins
    • Introduce New Center
      • TTPCC Meeting
  • Training Begins
    • Share Annual Training Plan
      • TTPCC Meeting
  • Road Scholars Facility Fully Operational
    • Program Update / Virtual Listening Session
      • TTPCC Meeting
      • TTPCC Meeting


  • Program Update / Virtual Listening Session
  • Share Annual Training Plan
    • TTPCC Meeting
    • TTPCC Meeting
  • Program Update / Virtual Listening Session
    • TTPCC Meeting
  • Future TTAP Plans Update
    • TTPCC Meeting
    • TTPCC Meeting


  • Pilot Ends
    • Share Final Pilot Results

*Design - Test - Evaluate - Refine -
In collaboration with Pilot Participants + Stakeholders

TTAP Center virtual Centers of Excellents areas of study

Text of Virtual Centers of Excellent graphic

TTAP Center

  • Roads Scholars Certification Program
  • Virtual Centers of Excellence
    • Asset & Data Management
    • Project Delivery
    • Safety
    • Operations & Maintenance
    • Planning & Program Management

Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Virginia areas of study

Text of Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Virginia graphic

  • Asset & Data Management
  • Project Delivery
  • Safety
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Planning & Program Management

Map shows the Roads Scholars Facility in Oklahoma and the TTAP Center in Washington

Pilot Roles and Responsibilities


  • Work collaboratively with Center to deliver a strong program
  • Guide program and answer questions or concerns that may arise
  • Monitor activities to ensure optimal program delivery
  • Communicate with and collect stakeholder feedback on pilot.

TTAP Center

  • Deliver a comprehensive training and technical assistance program
  • Ensure delivery in all 12 BIA regions
  • Maintain a commitment to delivering the most current, innovative, and effective training, tools, and other assistance
  • Recognize regional differences and find opportunities to share best practices to remedy local problems

Pilot Key Deliverables

Expand Develop Reduce Include / Promote Respond / Address Identify / Disseminate
Expand knowledge through increased training and technical assistance
  • Minimum of 4500 training hours annually
  • Minimum of 418 technical assistance hours per SME
  • Supplement face to face training with distance learning
Develop a national Road Scholars Certification Program Reduce redundant services
  • Leverage training resources available through other associations
  • Consolidate administrative functions
Include and promote market-ready, proven innovations and support high priority technical areas Respond and address regional highway issues in curriculum Identify, disseminate and encourage best practice application
Org Chart

Text of Organization Chart

  • NTTAP Director (Business, Financial, Staffing and Personnel Management): Beth O'Donnell
    • Program Manager: Walt Catlett
      • Roads Scholar: Tony DeCresie, Kevin Regan
      • Virtual Centers of Excellence
        • Project Delivery: Kim Johnson, Marc Shepherd
        • Maintenance and Ops: James Bailey, Tim Thompson
        • Safety: Bruce Drewes, Todd Morrison
          • Injury Prevention: Carrie Brown, Tabatha Harris, Kelly Powell
        • Asset/Data Management: Allen Smith
        • Planning & Procurement: Herold Hudson, Diann Wilson
    • Staff Assistant/Logistics Coordinator: TBA
    • Communications/Technical Writer: Lianne Landers
      • Marketing
      • Case Studies
      • Website
      • Outreach
      • Conferences and Meetings
      • Toolkit

Beth O'Donnell, Director

Beth O'Donnell
  • Directs and oversees Virginia's Local Assistance Technical Program offering over 85 in person training workshops for more than 2,600 attendees each year
  • Envisions and implements multi-day training conferences and multi-location audio conferences to provide a platform for FHWA and VDOT technical transfer requests
  • Currently developing two distance learning training courses to widen LTAP/CTS reach
  • Has developed and led employee engagement and training opportunities

Walter C. Catlett, Education & Outreach

Walter C. Catlett
  • 30 years of management /command experience
  • Delivers training for ACPA and LTAP
  • Provides technical expertise to State DOTs and Public Works Department level

Lianne Landers, Communications

Lianne Landers
  • Written dozens of transportation-based news articles, such as Research in Action in partnership with the Virginia Transportation Research Council, and workshop/ instructor spotlights
  • Worked as an economic developer and community liaison

Road Scholars Certification Program

Tony DeCresie

Tony DeCresie directing a class
  • Nationally recognized and awarded training manager with 25 year track record.
  • Primary areas of expertise include highway and road work site safety training and heavy equipment operations safety.
  • Extensive DOT, LTAP and OSHA safety training, trailering and load securement, fleet safety and public works operations.
  • Previous work includes dump truck fleet operations and long haul trucking.

Kevin Regan

Kevin Regan on the job site
  • Founder of Municipal Safety Services and Senior Safety Consultant, has over 30 years of experience in Insurance, Risk Management & Safety Training
  • An extensive training portfolio including municipal work crews and all public works safety operations for numerous agencies and city operations.

Project Delivery

Marc Shepard

  • 21 years of transportation planning and project delivery
  • Instructor for the Texas LTAP
  • Texas DOT trainer for local governments

Kim Johnson

  • Texas LTAP Manager and Outreach Director
  • Provides local agency training in the Project Delivery, Maintenance and Operations field.
  • Developed and Manages Texas LTAP Gravel Road Academy

Core Curriculum

  • Getting Your Project Started
  • Developing a Statement of Work for A&E Consultant Contracts
  • Contract Management for A&E
  • Environmental Requirements for Transportation Projects
  • Environmental Permits, Certificates and Licenses
  • Storm Water and Erosion Control
  • Procedures for Right-of-Way Acquisition
  • Utility Coordination
  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Cost and Schedule Management
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Project Completion and Closeout
  • Force Account Work
  • Emergency Relief Projects
  • Introduction to Highway Construction Inspection

Maintenance & Operations

James Bailey

  • Heavy Equipment Trainer for Texas LTAP
  • Manages personnel in the construction and maintenance of roadways at Bailey Materials

Tim Thompson

  • Gravel Road Academy & Heavy Equipment Instructor for the Texas LTAP
  • 30 years experience with Texas DOT as Assistant Maintenance Supervisor (District 10)/Maintenance Tech

Core Curriculum

  • Maintenance Administration
  • Developing Operational Budgets and Resource Allocation
  • Maintenance Condition Assessment
  • Bridge Inspection & Maintenance
  • Pipe Installation and Maintenance
  • Sign Maintenance and Management
  • Gravel Road Maintenance and Design
  • Stabilization and Dust Abatement
  • Roadside Maintenance
  • Pavement Preservation Strategies
  • Guardrail Installation, Maintenance and Repair
  • Work Zone Safety
  • Elevation and Grade Instruments and Use
  • Installation & Maintenance of Erosion Control Devises
  • Temporary Traffic Control
  • Winter Weather Operations


Bruce Drewes

  • LTAP Instructor in NV, AZ, CO, NE, ND, MS, NJ, TX and HI in the areas of Safety and Maintenance & Operations topics
  • 12 years experience as Training and Research Manager for the Idaho LTAP
  • 19 year experience in roadway design and construction at the Idaho Transportation Department

Todd Morrison

  • Delivered over 345 courses with the Kentucky LTAP providing training in Safety, Maintenance & Operations, and Project Delivery Topics
  • Supervised Maintenance and Traffic crews in a 10 county region for KY DOT
  • Supervised engineering staff that inspected all construction activities in a six-county region for KY DOT

Core Curriculum

  • Safety Plan Development
  • Improving Safety at Intersections
  • Improving Safety at Railroad Crossings
  • Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian
  • Road Safety Audits/Assessments
  • Worker Safety
  • Access Control: Intersections, railroad grade crossings and driveways
  • Safety Data: What data do I need and how do I collect it.
  • Crash Data Analysis
  • Low Cost Safety Improvements
  • Signalized Intersections
  • Roundabouts

Motor Vehicle Injury Prevention

Carrie Brown

  • Safety Circuit Rider for the National Indian Justice Center (Western TTAP)
  • Injury Prevention Coordinator for the Reno Sparks Indian Colony, Reno Nevada

Tabatha Harris

  • Safety Circuit Rider for the Southern Plains TTAP
  • Injury Prevention Program Coordinator for the Kaw Nation in Newkirk, OK

Kelly Powell

  • 18 years experience in the field of injury prevention as a Public Health Practitioner

Core Curriculum

  • Strategies to Increase Restraint Use
  • Basic Child Passenger Safety Awareness Course;
  • Prioritizing MVIP interventions;
  • National Standardized Child Passenger Safety Technician Certification Course;
  • Car Seat Checkpoint;
  • IHS Level 1 Injury Prevention
  • IHS Level 2 Injury Prevention

Asset & Data Management

Allen Smith

  • 42 years of construction, civil engineering and land surveying experience
  • Professional surveyor in the state of Arkansas

Core Curriculum

  • Foundation for Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • GPS Data Collection and Asset Management
  • Developing an Inventory of Highway Features
  • Objective Prioritization of Needs
  • Understanding Life Cycle Costs and Optimum Treatment Types

Planning & Procurement

Herold Hudson

  • Coordinated Managers' Internal Control Program training for four commands of U.S. Army Reserve
  • CEO & CFO for the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe

Diann Wilson

  • 18 years of experience providing procurement and grant writing training
  • Provides Traffic Incident Management instruction and certification in Oklahoma to Fire Fighters, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Personnel, Tow, Recovery & Service Vehicle Operators, Emergency Management, OK DOT, County Employees and construction workers

Core Curriculum

  • Introduction to Planning
  • Developing your TIP
  • Long Range Transportation Planning
  • Data Collection and Use
  • Public Involvement
  • Financial Planning/Fiscal Constraint
  • Project Prioritization
  • Single Audit
  • Procurement 101
  • Procurement Planning
  • Procurement Process -Solicitation through Contract Award
  • Cost Estimating
  • Evaluation and Selection of Consultants
  • Contract Cost Negotiations
  • Contract Execution and Other Considerations
  • Contract Specification Writing
  • Alternative Delivery Methods

Technical Assistance

Workers digging around a pipe
  • Program Manager will ensure all requests are fielded by topically appropriate virtual Centers
  • Technical support will be provided via
    • telephone,
    • webinars,
    • virtual meetings, and
    • face-to-face consultations
  • Minimum of 416 hours per year per subject matter expert

Next Deliverable: 2018 Training Plan

  • 60 days to develop the plan for core curriculum training
  • 5460 hours annual training minimum
    • 56 hours of face to face training per virtual Center per month
    • 24 hours of online training per virtual Center per month


For questions related to the Tribal Technical Assistance Program (TTAP), please contact the FHWA -Center for Local Aid Support:

For training and technical assistance needs over the next 90 days, please contact FHWA -Center for Local Aid Support:

For future updates on the pilot, please contact the FHWA -Center for Local Aid Support:

Slide Presentation, Transcript and Webinar Recording will be available at:

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