Value Capture Strategies Toolkit for Practitioners 


The Value Capture Strategies toolkit provides resources and information to support the implementation of Value Capture Techniques to supplement traditional infrastructure funding sources.   The Value Capture Strategies Toolkit is comprised of four components: Publication Resource Library, Value Capture Analytical Tools and, Innovative Finance Mechanisms to raise upfront capital, Project Delivery Tools, and Case Studies.  Together, these resources constitute a toolkit that state and local transportation agencies can use to advance Value Capture Strategies across the country.  Additional toolkits will be developed in the future for this initiative.   As new components of the Value Capture Toolkit are completed they will be added to this website.

Value Capture Publications

A suite of primers, guides, discussion papers, and informational reports designed to help practitioners understand and navigate the different aspects of implementing Value Capture projects.

Value Capture Factsheets

Value Capture Legislations

Value Capture Primers

Value Capture Analytical Tools

Value Capture Case Studies: Case Studies were developed to help transportation agencies explore the opportunities and challenges of implementing Value Capture strategies to accelerate Value Capture Initiative deployment

Training/Webinars (Coming Soon)

Value Capture Innovative Finance Tools

This section provides the transportation agencies the Innovative Financing Tools available to raise upfront capital

Procurement/Project Delivery Tools

This section identifies and defines some of the more common types of procurement techniques can be used with Value Capture Strategies