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FHWA FY 2019-2022 Strategic Plan


Goal: Serve the Nation with reduced regulatory burden and greater efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability.
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The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) continues to make every effort to ensure the public benefits of transportation spending are realized as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible. The Agency seeks to work with our partners to accelerate the delivery of highway projects, while continuing to enhance public safety and work quality, and minimizing the impact on the human and natural environment. In 2017, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) established a Regulatory Reform Task Force to evaluate existing regulations and make recommendations to the Secretary regarding their repeal, replacement, or modification. As part of this effort, FHWA completed a deregulatory action for the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Coordination and Planning Area Reform rule, and is providing flexibilities in the areas of Delegation of Authority to States, Categorical Exclusions, and a One Federal Decision working agreement.

To ensure success, FHWA leaders must maintain expertise in key areas, build new expertise in emerging program and innovation areas, and develop employee skill sets and tools needed for changing stewardship and oversight roles. While workforce planning efforts are ongoing, leaders must do a better job evaluating tradeoffs in staffing needs, enabling timely hiring for emerging skill sets, and strengthening Agency technical expertise through a robust and evolving Discipline Support System.

FHWA must create a culture of acceptance where all staff have a sense of ownership and empowerment. FHWA can transform where and how work is performed, taking full advantage of investments in advanced technologies, as well as managerial expertise and flexibility.

Agency leaders support broader reforms in the Federal government outlined in the President’s Management Agenda that are being introduced to better manage resources and increase program effectiveness. FHWA employees are the key to making these reforms successful. Sharing services within the Department is a reform that can potentially reduce costs and improve administrative efficiencies in project or program delivery. Using techniques such as Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Agency leaders can shift work from low value to high value by focusing resources on the highest priority risks and transferring or accepting lesser risks.

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FHWA supports moving to a lighter, more customer-focused Federal touch and is taking responsible and reasonable steps to implement legislative requirements that provide partner agencies and other recipients more leeway to manage Federal dollars.
Strategic Objective #5: Modernize or eliminate obsolete, unnecessary, or duplicative policies and regulations to accelerate all phases of project delivery, stimulate innovation, and reduce administrative burdens.

Key Programs and Initiatives

  • FHWA will continue to participate in the DOT Regulatory Reform effort and look for other potential deregulatory actions, while limiting significant regulatory actions that result in undue cost burdens.
  • FHWA will assist and encourage States to enter the Categorical Exclusion (CE) Assignment program where the Agency assigns its National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) responsibilities for CE determinations to accelerate the NEPA permitting process on qualified projects.
  • FHWA will permit the assumption of additional authorities under Title 23 Code of Federal Regulations, by States for projects or programs to the maximum extent practicable.

Lead Officials: Associate Administrator (AA) for Policy and Governmental Affairs and Chief Counsel.

Performance Measures: The USDOT Agency Priority Goal (APG) will provide two deregulatory actions for every new regulatory action to achieve total incremental cost reductions from all regulatory and deregulatory actions in the transportation industry of no less than $34M annually. As part of this Department-wide effort, FHWA will report on the number of deregulatory actions taken annually.

Strategic Objective #6: Transform the workforce and resource management approach to ensure FHWA is properly structured, skilled, and equipped to deliver outstanding customer service to our partners and the traveling public.

Key Programs and Initiatives

  • FHWA will create opportunities to strengthen learning and development, redefine skills to keep pace with change, and emphasize the use of data analytics and customer focus across the Agency.
  • FHWA will actively participate in developing and transitioning to Shared Services within USDOT. This includes leveraging information technology through integration with the Department, participating in workgroups to structure recommendations for human resources, and serving as a center of excellence in the delivery of acquisitions for several operating administrations within the USDOT.
  • FHWA will develop and implement an Agency-wide ERM approach that will extend the current risk management activities and integrate all unit planning and related planning and execution processes. As part of this effort, FHWA leadership will set priorities among program objectives and activities across the Agency, and use a risk-based approach to focus staff effort and resources on the most critical areas of performance, stewardship, oversight, and accountability.

Lead Officials: AAs for Administration, Infrastructure, and Planning, Environment and Realty; and Chief Financial Officer.

Performance Measures: FHWA will support reporting on USDOT measures for this strategic objective.

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