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FHWA FY 2019-2022 Strategic Plan

Glossary of Terms

AA – Associate Administrator

AASHTO – American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

ADS – Automated Driving Systems

AID – Accelerated Innovation Deployment

AMR – Accelerated Market Readiness

APG – Agency Priority Goal

CAP – Cross Agency Priority

CE – Categorical Exclusion

CMAQ – Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality

DOT – State Departments of Transportation

EDC – Every Day Counts

ERM – Enterprise Risk Management

FAHP – Federal-Aid Highway Program

FAST – Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act

FHWA – Federal Highway Administration

FTIC – Federal Transportation Innovation Council

FY – Fiscal Year

HSIP – Highway Safety Improvement Program

HTF – Highway Trust Fund

LPA – Local Public Agency

LTAP – Local Technical Assistance Program

MPO – Metropolitan Planning Organization

MIRE – Model Inventory of Roadway Elements

MUTCD – Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices

NEPA  –  National Environmental Policy Act

NHFP – National Highway Freight Program

NHPP – National Highway Performance Program

NHS – National Highway System

OMB – Office of Management and Budget

PMA – President's Management Agenda

PY – Performance Year

SHRP2 – Second Strategic Highway Research Program

SHSP – Strategic Highway Safety Plan

STBG – Surface Transportation Block Grant

STIC – State Transportation Innovation Council

TSMO – Transportation Systems  Management and Operations

TTI – Travel Time Index

TTTR – Truck Travel Time Reliability

USDOT – U.S. Department of Transportation

VMT – Vehicle Miles Traveled

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