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Geotechnical Engineering


Checklist and Guidelines for Review of Geotechnical
Reports and Preliminary Plans and Specifications

GTR Review Checklist for Drilled Shafts

H. Structure Foundations - Drilled Shafts


 (Pgs. 8-23 to 8-29)

In addition to the basic information listed in Section A, if drilled shaft support is recommended or given as an alternative, are conclusion/recommendations provided in the project foundation report for the following:

  1. *Are recommended shaft diameter(s) and length(s) for allowable design loads based on an analysis using soil parameters for side friction and end bearing?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  2. *Settlement estimated for recommended design loads?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  3. *Where lateral load capacity of shaft is an important design consideration, are p-y (load vs. deflection) curves or soils data provided in geotechnical report that will allow structural engineer to evaluate lateral load capacity of shaft?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  4. Is static load test (to plunging failure) recommended?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

Construction Considerations
  1. Have construction methods been evaluated, i.e., can less expensive dry method or slurry method be used or will casing be required?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  2. If casing will be required, can casing be pulled as shaft is concreted (this can result in significant cost savings on very large diameter shafts)?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  3. If artesian water was encountered in explorations, have design provisions been included to handle it (such as by requiring casing and a tremie seal)?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  4. Will boulders be encountered? (If boulders will be encountered, then the use of shafts should be seriously questioned due to construction installation difficulties and resultant higher cost to boulders can cause.)

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

*A response other than (yes) or (N/A) for any of these checklist questions is cause to contact the appropriate geotechnical engineer for a clarification and/or to discuss the project.

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Updated: 02/20/2015

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