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Geotechnical Engineering


Checklist and Guidelines for Review of Geotechnical
Reports and Preliminary Plans and Specifications

PS&E Review Checklist for Specific Features

D. Landslide Corrections

  1. Are plan details and special provisions provided for special drainage details, such as lined surface ditches, drainage blankets, horizontal drains, etc.?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  2. *Where excavation is to be made into the toe of an active slide, such as for a buttress or shear key, and stage construction is required, do the special provisions clearly spell out the stage construction sequence to be followed?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  3. *Where a toe buttress is to be constructed, do the special provisions clearly state gradation and compaction requirements for the buttress material?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

  4. *If the geotechnical report recommends that slide repair work not be allowed during the wet time of the year, is the proposed construction schedule in accord with this?

        (Yes   /   No   /   Unknown or N/A)

*A response other than (yes) or (N/A) for any of these checklist questions is cause to contact the appropriate geotechnical engineer for a clarification and/or to discuss the project.



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Updated: 02/20/2015

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