Office of Innovative Program Delivery
Center for
Local Aid Support

The Center for Local Aid Support (CLAS) provides national leadership in the advancement of innovative technologies and practices within Local, Tribal and Federal Land Management Agency transportation networks. The Center focuses on:

  • Creating an informed and ambitious workforce;
  • Promoting the integration of cutting-edge-solutions; and,
  • Delivering real results to enhance our nation's transportation system.

The Center works collaboratively with a diverse mix of partners including Local and Tribal Technical Assistance Program Centers. Our programs are designed to:

  • Put good policies in place on the ground;
  • Provide models for other agencies; and,
  • Inform the federal transportation discussion.

2017 LTAP
Build A Better Mouse Trap
Competition Winners

The Guardrail Reclaimer

Scraper. Picture provided by Gunnison County Public Works Department

Survey Pin Puller

Innovative Survey Pin Puller. Picture provided by Sioux County.

Asphalt Patch Trailer Improvements

Polk County's new Platform and Stairway, Picture provided by Polk County