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About Us

What We Do

The FHWA Resource Center is an integral part of the Federal Highway Administration in delivering the Federal-aid Highway Program and achieving agency strategic goals:

The Resource Center achieves this mission through 11 Technical Service Teams designed around the following key disciplines or functional areas in highway transportation:

Who Are Our Customers

Internally, the FHWA Resource Center customers are the FHWA Division Offices and Headquarters Offices. FHWA is successful as an agency because all organizational units of the agency work together and use aligned performance plans to achieve common goals.

Externally, the Resource Center customers are the transportation agencies partnering with FHWA (such as State Departments of Transportation) for the advancement of the nation's transportation system. As service is provided to external customers, the Resource Center works through Division Offices or Headquarters Offices to represent FHWA as a single organization meeting customer needs and accomplishing agency strategic goals and objectives.

The Resource Center is a valued asset working hand in hand with all of FHWA's customers, customizing services to meet needs, and contributing to the success of all involved. The Resource Center provides services to customers to build technical expertise, deploy technology, and solve technical problems.

FHWA Resource Center Director

Bernetta L. Collins
Federal Highway Administration
300 8th Street, Room 826
Austin, Texas 78701
Ph: (512) 536-5978

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