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FHWA Resource Center
Office of Innovation Implementation

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About Us

FHWA Resource Center

The Resource Center, Office of Innovation Implementation, is a unit under the Associate Administrator, Office of Innovation and Workforce Solutions (HIT). In this role, the Resource Center operates as the primary source of technical assistance and technology deployment support to FHWA's Federal, State, and local partners.

For more than 20 years, the FHWA Resource Center has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the transportation industry – providing technical assistance to projects that improve mobility and roadway safety, support economic growth, and enhance the movement of goods and services.

Leadership in the Resource Center includes the FHWA Resource Center Director and 9 Technical Directors, who provide overall management and operations of the expert technical teams.

Shay Burrows
FHWA Resource Center Director
Office of Innovation Implementation
(410) 215-6751

What We Do

The FHWA Resource Center is an integral part of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in delivering the Federal-aid Highway Program and achieving agency strategic goals:

  • Providing expert training and technical assistance to FHWA Division Offices and their transportation partners.
  • Assisting Headquarters Program Offices in disseminating new policies, technologies, and techniques.
  • Taking the lead in deployment of leading edge, innovative transportation technologies.

Organized by functional and technical teams, the FHWA Resource Center operates as a national unit with teams and expert specialists staffed in localities throughout the United States. The Resource Center provides technical support and program assistance along with training, and technology delivery to FHWA's Division Offices, State Departments of Transportation, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and other transportation partners.

Organized in 9 teams and 18 specialty areas, the Resource Center’s technical experts offer specialized knowledge and experience:

  • Civil Rights
  • Construction and Project Management
  • Environment, Air Quality, and Realty
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Pavement and Materials
  • Safety and Design
  • Structures, Geotechnical and Hydraulic Engineering
  • Transportation Performance Management, Asset Management, Freight and Analytics

Who Are Our Customers

Internally, the FHWA Resource Center customers are the FHWA Division Offices, Federal Lands Highway Divisions, and Headquarters Program Offices. FHWA is successful as an agency because all organizational units of the agency work together and use aligned performance plans to achieve common goals.

Externally, the Resource Center customers are the transportation agencies partnering with FHWA (such as State Departments of Transportation) for the advancement of the nation's transportation system. As service is provided to external customers, the Resource Center works through Division Offices or Headquarters Offices to represent FHWA as a single organization meeting customer needs and accomplishing agency strategic goals and objectives.

The Resource Center was established in 1998 as four independent organizations, and integrated into one Resource Center in 2003. From the initial concept, the FHWA structured the Resource Center to provide world class expertise and to deliver innovative solutions to complex transportation challenges.

The Resource Center is a valued asset working hand in hand with all of FHWA's customers, customizing services to meet needs, and contributing to the success of all involved. The Resource Center provides services to customers to build technical expertise, deploy technology, and solve technical problems.

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