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Safety and Design

Training: Courses, Seminars, and Workshops

Please contact Team Manager Pat Hasson at Patrick.Hasson@dot.gov or (708) 359-5079 or visit the National Highway Institute website for more information and to schedule workshops or courses offered by the Safety and Design Team.

Highway Design (General)

Context Sensitive Solutions
  • Advanced Geometric Design
  • Highway Geometric Design for Safety & Efficiency
  • NHI-380095, Geometric Design: Applying Flexibility and Risk Management
  • NHI-380071, Interactive Highway Safety Design Model
Safety Performance

Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

  • NHI-380005, Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Improvement Program

Intersection Safety

  • FHWA Interstate Access Policy and Interchange Design Workshop
  • NHI-380118, Signing and Markings for Complex Freeway Interchanges
  • Safety Analysis of Freeways and Interchanges
  • 1-day intersection safety workshop
  • 3-day intersection safety workshop
  • NHI-380077 & NHI-380077V, Intersection Safety Workshop
  • NHI-380109 & NHI-380109V, Innovative Intersections and Interchanges
  • NHI-380078, Signalized Intersection Guidebook Workshop
  • Roundabouts: Designing Intersections for Safety
  • NHI-380096 & NHI-380096V, Modern Roundabouts: Intersections Designed for Safety

Local, Rural and Tribal Road Safety

For more information on available training courses and workshops with the National Center for Rural Road Safety, please visit: http://ruralsafetycenter.org/.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

Roadway Departure Safety

Horizontal Curve Safety
  • Roadside Design
  • NHI-380032A, Roadside Safety Design (3-Day)
  • NHI-380117, Combating Roadway Departures

Safety Performance

  • NHI-380070, Highway Safety Manual Practitioners Guide for Geometric Design Features
  • NHI-380070A, Highway Safety Manual Practitioners Guide for Two-Lane Rural Roads
  • NHI-380070B, Highway Safety Manual Practitioners Guide for Multilane Highways
  • NHI-380105, Highway Safety Manual Practitioners Guide for Intersections
Systemic Safety

Various Other Safety Programs & Initiatives

Highway Safety Analysis
  • Application of Crash Modifications (CMF)
  • Science of Crash Modification Factors (CMF)
  • NHI-380076, Low-Cost Safety Improvements Workshop
  • Road Safety Audits for Local Officials
  • NHI-380069, Road Safety Audits/Assessments
  • Making Highways Safer with ITS workshop
  • Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity
  • Sign Management and Retroreflectivity Workshop


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