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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance includes meeting with our FHWA Headquarters and Division Offices, or State customers, and helping find solutions to particular problems – answering questions, sharing best practices and introducing new innovations.

What Type of Activities?

Technical assistance involves collaborative efforts and working in partnership. Such assistance entails customizing advice and strategies to engage your individual needs. Sharing this advice or expertise may require a one-on-one meeting, a training session, or developing a publication, or video on a specific practice or technology. Activities may include promoting a peer exchange, advising in a program review, introducing an innovation, leading a presentation, hosting a panel discussion, initiating a scanning tour, finding a unique resource, sharing knowledge through a community of practice, publishing your success, or convening a symposium, conference, or summit.

What Services Are Available?

The FHWA Resource Center is a knowledgeable, dependable, responsive and dedicated team of transportation technical specialists, providing innovative and effective problem-solving, technology deployment, and training capabilities. In establishing a relationship with the Resource Center, you can expect to save time and money while getting more done to dramatically advance the transportation system in your State and across the country.

Let the Resource Center adopt a creative and original, fresh approach to your challenge. Use our specialists to perform these services:

Who Do I Contact for Technical Assistance?

For technical assistance and expertise, you can always contact anyone in the FHWA Resource Center. We will get you to the right resource. However, your direct line of assistance and service is the Resource Center Team Manager. Each Team Manager leads a Technical Service Team with technical specialists located across the country. This structure allows the team members to align goals and activities and provide service to customers, drawing upon the team for best practices and additional skills.

You can best establish a project, a consultation, a visit, a training session, or any other technical assistance through the Team Manager. The Team Manager can discuss your request with you, consider and evaluate your needs, and then match the best resource to bring expertise and solutions to you.

Your Resource for Technical Assistance!

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