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If you need assistance from the Finance Team, please contact us at: RC-TST-Finance@dot.gov.

Courses, Seminars, and Workshops offered by Resource Center specialists

Federal-aid Highway Program Grants Management Training

Workshop Purpose: To provide comprehensive instruction and interactive discussion on the Federal-aid Highway Program (FAHP), highway funding, and the Uniform and Programmatic requirements associated with administering FHWA grants/projects.

Recommended Audience: Personnel from the FHWA, State DOTs, MPOs, local agencies and any other non-Federal entity personnel that administer and/or work on FHWA grants/projects. This would include personnel from all disciplines including engineers, planners, program/project managers, and financial staff.

Length: 15 Hours (2 Days)

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how FHWA programs are structured and funded;
  • Describe the requirements of stewardship and oversight and subrecipient monitoring;
  • Understand the Federal-aid Highway Program Authorization Process;
  • Explain State DOT, Local, and MPO roles and responsibilities in managing FHWA grants/projects;
  • Describe how the Administrative and Programmatic Requirements (2 CFR Part 200 and 23 CFR, 49 CFR) apply to the administration and management of FHWA grants/projects (e.g. allowable vs. eligible cost, cost principles, procurement standards, financial standards, audits, etc.);
  • Understand the FHWA Project Funds Management policy; and
  • Apply workshop concepts and principles in classroom exercises.
Developing an Indirect Cost Allocation Plan

This course will describe the 7-step process in developing an indirect cost allocation plan in accordance with 2 CFR 200. Participants will receive instruction on the benefits and disadvantages of claiming indirect costs through the Federal-aid program. A discussion on the available resources and examples will be provided by the instructor. Participants will become familiar with the different methodologies in claiming indirect costs, and they will be able to discuss their thoughts on the most appropriate approach for their program. Examples will be provided on calculating an indirect cost rate and applying the rate to direct project costs. The course will also include an overview of the documentation requirements when submitting an indirect cost allocation for FHWA approval.

Financial Management Boot Camp

Boot Camp is designed for newly hired/promoted FHWA staff and will introduce the basic and most common laws, regulations and Agency policies and procedures governing the FHWA Financial Management. The six week course will also offer an introduction to FHWA’s history, mission, vision and unique responsibilities within the Federal-aid Highway Program (FAHP).

FHWA Financial Management Academy

The FHWA Financial Management Academy provides FHWA employees a transition from the foundational knowledge presented in the Financial Management Boot Camp to an advanced skillset for evidence-based decision support. Emphasis will be on improving processes, rather than processing transactions. Participants will acquire tools and techniques to gain insights from data analysis and questioning key individuals involved in a process. Participants will practice the skills needed to address problems, identify areas for improvement and present alternative courses of action.


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