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Disadvantaged Business Enterprise/ Supportive Services Program - Fact Sheet

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The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Supportive Services (DBE/SS) program is operated as an adjunct to the DBE program. It is the policy of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to promote increased participation of DBEs in Federal-aid highway contracts through the development and implementation of supportive services programs administered by State transportation agencies (STAs). The primary purpose of the DBE/SS is to provide training, assistance, and services to firms that are certified in the DBE program to facilitate the firms'
development into viable, self-sufficient businesses capable of competing for, and performing on, federally assisted highway projects.

Since 1982, the U.S. Congress has authorized up to $10 million annually to accomplish these objectives. The FHWA annually allocates the DBE/SS funds to STAs for the purpose of carrying out a DBE/SS program. The FHWA has taken the initiative to design a cost effective DBE/SS program that meets specific goals and objectives. A result of this effort is the creation of a performance-based DBE/SS Model Program. The model program is designed to assist the
FHWA, the STAs, and other interested parties in developing, conducting, and administering a cost-effective DBE/SS program. A key component of the model program calls for STAs to develop an annual performance-based statement of work (SOW). The allocation of
DBE/SS funds will be based upon DBE/SS programs that can achieve clearly measurable results.

23 United States Code (U.S.C.), § 140 (c)
23 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 230, Subpart B

FHWA Responsibilities:
- Division Office reviews and submits DBE work statements to the FHWA Headquarters
Office of Civil Rights (HCR) for concurrence
- HCR allocates DBE/SS funds
- Division and HCR conduct program monitoring and evaluation

STA Responsibilities:
- Development of the SOW and its submittal to the FHWA for approval of DBE/SS funds
- Ensure DBE/SS providers develop and achieve performance goals and objectives
- Continually monitor and evaluate supportive services programs so that improvements can be identified and instituted
- Collect data and submit progress and annual accomplishment reports to FHWA

Training, Education, and Workforce Development
FHWA Publication No. FHWA-HCR-07-0025
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