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Environment and Realty

Environment and Realty Team

We are pleased to offer our services and provide you with the latest in Environmental and Realty information and technology.

Here you will find important information about FHWA Environmental and Realty initiatives along with information on who to contact for training and assistance.

Who We Are …

The FHWA Resource Center Environment and Realty Team is a team of subject matter experts with advanced knowledge and experience representing diverse natural, social science and engineering disciplines. The Environment and Realty Team is committed to enhancing FHWA's environmental and realty programs by providing an expert level of technical assistance and quality workshops, training and seminars to our customers and partners.

The Teams, Team Members and their corresponding specialties are listed below. For additional information or assistance on any subject, including those not listed, please contact the Team Manager or one of the Team Leaders.

Team Manager

Lisa Hanf
Environment and Realty Team Manager

Team MemberSpecialty Area(s)
Rodney Vaughn – Team Leader
Environmental Program Specialist
Complete Streets
Context Sensitive Solutions
Document Quality
NEPA Project Management
Rob Ayers
Environmental Program Specialist
Linking Planning and NEPA (PEL)
Indirect and Cumulative Effects
NEPA Project Development
Facilitation/Dispute Resolution
Wild and Scenic Rivers Act
Section 4(f)
David Grachen
Environmental Program Specialist
Section 4(f)
NEPA Assignment
Federal requirements for Local Public Agencies (LPAs)
Environmental Commitments
NEPA Project Development
Tribal Consultation
Section 106
Keith Moore
Environmental Program Specialist
Community Impact Assessment
Context Sensitive Solutions
Environmental Justice
NEPA and Transportation Decision Making
Public Involvement
NHI Liaison
Mary Ann Rondinella
Environmental Program Specialist
Highway Traffic Noise
Hazardous Waste
NEPA Project Development
Indirect and Cumulative Impacts
Invasive Species and Roadside Vegetation
Stephanie Stoermer
Environmental Program Specialist/Archeologist
Cultural Resources
Historic Preservation Laws /Section 106
Tribal Consultation and Coordination
NEPA Project Development
Document Quality
Environmental Justice
Community Impact Assessment
Human and Natural Ecosystems Team
Kevin Moody – Team Leader
Climate Change and Sustainable Transportation
Eco-Logical Approach/Ecology
Health in Transportation
Natural Resources Management
Environmental Management Systems
Risk and Natural Hazards Management
Brian Smith
Indirect and Cumulative Impacts Workshop
Natural Resource Coordination
Section 10/404 - Clean Water Act
Stormwater Management/Quality/Soil Erosion/Sediment Control
Wetlands/Stream Restoration, Mitigation Banking
Ecosystem / Watershed Approach
Brian Yanchik
Ecology and Transportation
Endangered Species Act - Section 7
Interagency Coordination and Cooperation
Programmatic Consultation
Water, aquatic resources, streams, floodplains
Wetland Functional Assessment
Realty Team
Marshall Wainright – Team Leader
Realty Specialist
Uniform Relocation Act
Outdoor Advertising and Junkyard Control
Federal Aid Appraisal Requirement
Advance and Hardship Acquisition
Relocation Assistance
Federal Requirements for Local Public Agencies (LPAs)
Chad A. Crawford
Realty Specialist
Uniform Relocation Act
Appraisal, Appraisal Review, and Appraisal Valuation
Michele Palicka
Realty Specialist
ROW and NEPA Linkage
Uniform Relocation Act
Federal Requirements for Local Public Agencies (LPAs)
Right of Way (ROW) Streamlining
ROW Property Management
Additional Resources
Cindy Callahan
Environmental Specialist/Biologist
Endangered Species Act
Marine Mammal Protection Act
Tim Haugh
Environment Program Specialist
NEPA and Project Development Process
NEPA-related Process and Program Reviews
Categorical Exclusions
Section 106
Section 4(f)
Deborah Suciu-Smith
Environment Program Specialist / Archeologist
Fiscal Constraint
NEPA and Project Development Process
NHPA/Section 106 Consultation/Tribal Consultation
Public Involvement/EJ
Section 4(f)


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