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Operations Team

We are pleased to offer our services and provide you with the latest in Operations and ITS information and technology.

Here you will find important information about FHWA initiatives along with who to contact for training and assistance.

Listed below are the Resource Operations experts. Please email or call the specialist nearest you.

Technical Director

Grant Zammit
Operations Technical Director

Operations Team Members
Team MembersSpecialty Area(s)
Eddie Curtis
Traffic Management Specialist
• Adaptive signal control Technology
• Regional Traffic Signal Operations Programs
• Evaluation and planning of traffic signal system operations
• Traffic signal Operations
• Traffic signal Timing
Richard Denney
Operations Specialist
• Traffic Signal Systems
• Freeway Management
• Data Communications
• Standards, Specification and Testing
• Systems Engineering
• National and Regional ITS Architecture
• Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Technologies
• Traffic Signal Timing and Operation
Chris Dipalma
Transportation Specialist and Discipline Coordinator
• Knowledge Management
• Transportation Systems Management and Operations
Eric Ferron
Civil Engineer (Highway)
• Work Zone Analysis, Operation and Safety
• Traffic Analysis and Simulation
• Incident Management
• Highway Capacity
Edward Fok
Transportation Technologies Specialist
• Arterial transportation operations, technologies, and systems
• Metropolitan and corridor transportation management systems
• Advanced freight technologies
• Transportation communication, hardware, and software technologies
• System engineering and agile development process
• Domain expert on surface transportation cybersecurity
Daniel Grate
SHRP2 / ITS Specialist
• Work Zone Analysis and Operations
• Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture
• Rural ITS Operations
• Traffic Operations and Management
• Traveler Information Systems
• Performance Measure
• Planning for Operations Strategies
Gregory Jones
Traffic Management Specialist/Team Leader
• HOV/HOT/Managed Lanes
• Active Transportation and Demand Management
• Freeway Management Systems
• Emergency Transportation Operations
• Managing Traffic for Planned Special Events
Ray Murphy
ITS Specialist
• Intelligent Transportation Systems
• Real-Time Data Systems (DMS/VMS, 1201, 511)
• Road Weather Management (RWIS, MDSS)
• Traffic Incident and Events Management
James Sturrock
ITS Operations Engineer
• Traffic Analysis Tools
• Highway Capacity Manual
• Interchange Justification and Modifications
• Traffic Signal Timing and Traffic Signal Systems
• Traffic Operations
• Safety
• Intelligent Transportation Systems
Duane Thomas
Civil Engineer (Highway)
• Work Zone Analysis, Operations and Safety
• Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Chung Tran
Transportation Operations Specialist/Team Leader
• Traffic Analysis:
• Highway Capacity Manual
• Dynamic Traffic Assignment
• Micro-simulation
• Interstate Access Process
• Emergency Transportation Planning & Operations
• Freeway System Operations
• Managed Travel for Planned Events
Ralph Volpe
Freight Technology/Operations Specialist
• Active Transportation and Demand Management (ATDM)
• Access Management
• Benefit Cost Analysis
• Bottleneck Reduction
• Congestion Management
• Planning for Operations
• Organizing for Operations
• Performance Measures and Data (Freight and Operations)
Ben Williams
Transportation Specialist
• Planning for Operations
• Transportation Systems Management and Operations
• Transportation Performance Measures
• Visualization and Communication of Data


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