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Courses, Seminars, and Workshops offered for the Pavement & Materials Discipline

The following list contains 63 of the currently available learning opportunities from the National Highway Institute, FHWA Program Pavement Office, FHWA Resource Center, AASHTO, Universities, and Industry related to the Pavement & Materials Discipline (updated: November 7, 2013).

Every Day Counts Innovations

Intelligent Compaction (IC) Workshop - Out-Smarting Soils and Asphalt
Safety Edge

Materials: Asphalt

Advanced Mix Design (WMA, RAP, and RAS)
Asphalt Academy
Asphalt Mix Performance Testing
Asphalt Technology Course
Best Practices for Asphalt Longitudinal Joints
Binder Technician Training & Certification Course
Recycled Pavement Technologies
Superpave Mix Design Course
TCCC Superpave Mix Design Process and Analysis
TCCC Superpave for Construction
Tack Coat Best Practice Workshop

Materials: Concrete

Alkali Silica Reactivity in Concrete: Understanding, Mitigation, and Specification
Cementitious Materials
Chemical Admixtures
Quality in the Concrete Paving Process
Self-Consolidating Concrete
TCCC Advanced Self-Consolidating Concrete
TCCC Concrete Series
TCCC Construction of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements
TCCC Portland Cement Concrete Paving Inspection
TCCC Roller Compacted Concrete Pavements
TCCC Testing Self-Consolidating Concrete

Materials: Other

Earthwork/Base Technology
TCCC Aggregate Sampling Basics
TCCC Basic Materials for Highway and Structure Construction and Maintenance
TCCC Materials Testing: Reducing Aggregate Samples


Pavement Interactive
Pavinars: Webinars for the Pavement Community

Pavement Design

FHWA Onsite RealCost Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) Software Workshop
ME Design web Series: Calibration
ME Design web Series: Software Overview

Pavement Maintenance

Asphalt Pavement Maintenance for Local Agencies

Pavement Management

Asphalt Pavement Management Implementation
Pavement Management - Improving the Effectiveness of Your Program

Pavement Performance Measures (TPM)

High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST)

Pavement Preservation

Asphalt Pavement Preservation Series
Concrete Pavement Preservation Series
National Center for Pavement Preservation Training

Pavement Rehabilitation/ Evaluation

Quality Assurance Program

Identifying and Reducing Risk in your States QA Program (Part1)
Identifying and Reducing Risk in your States QA Program (Part2)
Identifying and Reducing Risk in your States QC Program (Part 3)
Next Step for Effective Validation of Contractors Test Results
Proper Verification and Validation of Smoothness Test Results
Quality Assurance Essentials: Terminology, Risk and the Federal Role
TCCC HMA Paving Field Inspection
Transportation Construction Quality Assurance

Sustainable Pavement Solutions

Asphalt Pavement In-Place Recycling Techniques--WEB-BASED
Asphalt Pavement In-Place Recycling Technologies
In-Place Asphalt Recycling & Soil Stabilization Strategies
Special Mixture Design Considerations and Methods for Warm Mix Asphalt

Transportation Asset Management

Applied Asset Management
Fundamentals of Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Introduction to a Transportation Asset Management Plan
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